Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shrub & His Bush League Move‏ - by Dawg Chapman

By now everyone knows all about Shrub having stepped in it once again.
Maybe stepped in it is a little mild. It's more like dived in head first, &
wallowed in it.

After reflecting on it, he issued a very sincere, & contrite sounding statement. Of course he did, after all, practice makes perfect, & we know he's had plenty of practice at being sincere, & contrite. After the fact.

The statement he gave after the mugging was way closer to the real Kyle
Bush. "I brushed the wall, but my truck was hurt where I don't think we could have
won." Kyle went on to say that Hornaday could see that they were going to be
three wide, & should have backed off. It would seem to me that Kyle could
also have seen the same thing, & as the truck behind as well as the one on
the outside. He was the one more in position to back off.

What I heard from this defiant self-serving statement was Me, Me, Me, It's
All About Me. He then went on to ask, Who's going to fix my truck, after it wrecked the first time? I found this pretty laughable, as neither truck sustained much
damage before he wantonly, & willfully destroyed both trucks.

So much for the so called, "new" Busch. He's once again shown us the real person, hiding behind the attempt to polish his image.
He again proved to be petulant, egotistical, & totally self-centered, with a huge sense of entitlement.This is not the first instance of him going down to another series, & wrecking someone on purpose who's running for points.

The first statement that Kyle gave with no hint of apology, & trying to
shift the blame to Ron Hornaday was Kyle trying to justify something that
was, & is totally unjustifiable.

The second one with apologies all around, was most probably written by some
PR guy, trying to do damage control. After everyone from NASCAR, to his
sponsor had weighed in.

I now see that NASCAR has levied a fine, on top of the suspension.
Nice to see them finally grow a set, & do what they were supposed to
have been doing all along.

Joe Gibbs issued a statement saying in essence, that they were weighing
their options. Coach really doesn't have a very enviable record of dealing with problem behavior within the organization. I would guess what that really means is
that he's got his finger in the wind.

There's no doubt that this whole sorry deal has been a huge embarrassment
for NASCAR, Gibbs, Toyota, & Mars. It would seem to be primarily up to Mars what happens now.

Some have suggested that Kyle should be parked for the rest of the season.
I think we all know that's not going to happen.

What I think really needs to happen is for Shrub to grow up.
He seems to be way behind the maturity curve, & quite frankly,
I don't have a clue what it's going to take, for him to catch up.

But, I've said this before, & I'll say it again.
Shrub just doesn't seem to me to be the ideal candy salesman.

Matt Kenseth on the other hand, could still get them their TV
time. Without the controversy, Hmmm.

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  1. Mad Mikie,

    Great column. Time after time, year after year, KyB has acted this way. Will this finally be enough for his sponsors? As we've seen in the past, Joe Gibbs will do nothing to him. I know if I were an owner, I wouldn't want this PR nightmare driving my car. Wins or not, there's more to it than that. M&Ms would be smart to find another team to sponsor. I agree, Matt Kenseth would be a good choice. Maybe a little vanilla, but he would be a better representative. At least he's higher in points than KyB. ;)

  2. Just went out and bought some M&M's. Kyle is the best driver in Nascar, with baggage. For the most part this year has been problem free. I guess this single incident is supposed to define Kyle's season. No one is mentioning how he was taken out the past 2 cup races through NO FAULT of his own. His frustration level was sky high. He reacted immaturely. Kyle will get it.

  3. Plain, or Peanut? either way you can't go wrong.

    I think you'd better check your hole card on the trouble free. Even with the for the most part, thrown in as a qualifier.

    As far as defining his season, I think Richard's already done that.
    But just on the off chance there's still some definition needed.
    Then I think getting parked by NASCAR, for 3 races in the same weekend ought to do it.
    That's a record that will stand for a very long time. Especially when you consider that in the 61 year history of NASCAR, no one's been able to pull it off before now.

    As for getting it, I expect that he will. It's just that at 26, I'd think we'd be seeing some signs of it by now.

    Thanks for your comments, & enjoy your M&M's.


  4. I think the only thing that will straighten Kyle out is somebody whipping his ass. If Ron Hornaday or Harvick would have knocked him on his ass, he'd damn sure race them differently from now on. Kyle is a punk, pure and simple. He has no respect for the other drivers and I doubt if they have any respect for him now. Just remember Kyle, payback's a bitch.