Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Silly Season by John "Dawg" Chapman

When I hear the term Silly Season, I tend to think of Adam Sandler, or
Jim Carrey movies. Maybe Happy Gilmore, or Liar, Liar, now that's what I think of as silly.

This years so called Silly Season on the other hand, reminds me more of
Nightmare on Elm Street, any of the Halloween movies, of maybe The
Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Particularly for anyone unfortunate enough to be involved, with the exception of Cousin Carl, it's been much more scary, than silly.

After Carl re-signed with Roush. That left Clint Bowyer as the top prospect. I have to admit that I was surprised when he didn't re-sign with RCR. After flirtations with several teams, I again have to admit to being shocked, when it came out that he was going to Michael Waltrip Racing. The top free agent going to a third tier team. What's up with that? Either he’s completely sold out, for money. Giving up on contending for wins, & making the Chase, or this was absolutely the only thing out there. I expect it was the latter. Joining this team, puts a driver on the fast track to mediocrity. Just ask Martin Truex. The scary thing about this is that his departure won't leave a vacant seat to fill.

While I'm thinking of Super Shill Racing, right on the heels of getting all their crew chiefs, & car chiefs tossed for the rest of the season. For yet another cheating incident, (I wonder when this is going to become too much of an embarrassment for the Japanese?)

They drop a bomb on the only driver to ever win for them.
Letting David Reutiman know by phone, (what a classy move) that he was
being kicked to the curb. This was apparently sponsor related. If Mikey is having sponsor issues that's really scary for everyone else. I think he even sleeps in the chicken suit. With only 3 races left, David's got about as much chance landing another Cup ride for next year, as I do. This is about like your prom date calling & telling you she's going with someone else. Just as you're starting the car to pick her up.

While he's in no danger of losing his ride, Matt Kenseth is losing his
sponsor, & as yet doesn't have anything else nailed down. This is about as scary as seeing someone in a hockey mask come up behind you as you wait for a bus on a dark corner. Matt not only made the Chase, but was in the thick of it, until Martinsville. Former Champion, multiple winner this season, great driver, all around nice guy. This just shouldn't be happening.

David Ragan isn't so lucky. UPS has decided to cut back from being a
full-time sponsor, & is switching to Carl. He's probably looking at dropping down to the Nationwide series at best. He says he "want's a competitive ride, wherever it is." Sorry David, these are all pretty much nailed down even in Nationwide.

Red Bull announced that they were going to use those wings, to fly out
of NASCAR. That's two cars gone, one of them would have had an open seat. Jay Fry has been trying to put something together to save the team, but if it hasn't happened by now. I don't expect it to. I'm not privy to any inside information, but I haven't even heard a whisper of anything working for Brian Vickers. If he did have any nibbles, Martinsville can't have helped his case.

Another scary aspect to this is that deserving Nationwide drivers like
Justin Allgaier, Brian Scott, Ricky Stenhouse, as well as Trevor Bayne,
have no place to go.

It wasn't long ago that Roush had to cut a team, because of the 4 care
rule. Now they will be down to 3. One of them unsponsored, as of now.
Childress from 4 to 3. Red Bull from 2 to gone.

Look out NASCAR, check out that guy behind you. He has real long fingernails, is wearing a hockey mask, & carrying a chainsaw.

This can't bode too well for you long term.


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  1. Thank the Top 35 rule and social media. Top 35 locks in the mediocre, and locks out new teams and talent. Social media because it provides access to large numbers of people for a heck of a lot less money.
    Writings on the wall folks.

  2. Minus the Homestead race, this season pretty much sucked. NASCAR was lucky that the season finale came down to the wire without having to manipulate the outcome.

    Shayne Flaherty

  3. Another great post Mr.Chapman! I keep telling people (as Mad Mikie has been saying) that NASCAR is not just in jeopardy of just low ratings and attendance anymore.... They are truly getting to the point where their piss poor "all marketing, no racing action" plan is about to put them out of business.

    And to be honest, with all that I have learned since opening my site, NASCAR going under may be the only way we will ever see "pure" and non-biased racing on the racetracks of North America ever again. The gangrene may already have set in. No one who works inside the NASCAR machine seems willing to help people like the three of us who just have the sports best interest at heart...
    It will be a shame to watch the good people go down with the bad.... but hey, we are trying to help... and that is all we can do!

  4. As one writer commented several years ago... there are a few (or were, maybe not now) $5M deals out there but there are no $20M deals anymore and everyone has the cost of managing a pre-crash size. We used to put on a good show 25 years ago with 25 people on the entire team. Of course that was before all these budget busting constantly changing National Association of Same Car Auto Racing rules and our factory supplied racing engine kits which are not available to the general public. Then again our fans are not really smart enough to care about any of that, right? Daytona Beach just keeps feeding us the pablum everything's fine.

  5. @Shayne Flaherty

    Who says the finish wasn't manipulated? They are all manipulated in some form these days. Carl's radio chatter suggested that NASCAR had A LOT to do with the outcome.

    (this excerpt comes from

    "Just after the halfway mark of the race, Harvick and his crew employed a two tire stop to gain track position. This put him ahead of Edwards as the race restarted. Within a few laps Edwards caught and passed Harvick on the outside as their machines raced off of turn four. Just as Edwards went by, Harvick veered to the right. If the two cars did not actually touch, it was very close.
    After that, Edwards came across his team radio to say, “”Have NASCAR talk to the 29. He’s running into us and affecting the outcome.”
    The contact, or near contact, apparently continued to weigh on Edwards’ mind as several laps later he again told his spotter, “”Make sure you have NASCAR keep an eye on that 29,” Edwards says again. “He was goofing with us earlier.” ...

    Hmmmmm.... that sure sounds like NASCAR was being asked to manipulate something or to make sure something went "as planned".... What business is it of NASCAR's if a competitor is "racing someone too hard"? ... Why should they care if there is no "manipulation" ?