Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Robby Gordon Update, MPD change in 2013?, & Other Stuff

Robby Gordon’s 2013 NASCAR Schedule

Robby will race at Mid-Ohio and Road America in his own Busch Series car with Menard's sponsorship on it.

JGR to Run 6th Generation Cars in 2013

According to some released photos, Joe Gibbs Racing will be running the 6th generation of the much maligned generic Car Of Turpitude (a $475,000 vehicle designed to replace the previous $150,000 vehicle to save the teams money) for the 2013 season. Despite what Faux King Brian has been bragging about with the 2013 COT looking more like their street counterparts, the only discernable difference between the 2012 & 2013 COT’s appears to be a more rounded appearance of the actual nose of the race vehicle. They’re still the same when they’re in the “raw” (no race wraps or paint jobs). So it seems that once again, Faux King Brian has made a big hullabaloo about nothing.

Dale Jr to Lose MPD Status in 2013?

That seems to be a big concern right now among his fans. With highly touted, underperforming Queen of Hype starting a full time schedule next season in Cup, Dale Jr fans are trying to organize their efforts for the 2013 Most Popular Driver vote despite an article I wrote a while back regarding the fact that the votes for the All Star Race & MPD are fixed. So if the marketing machine in Daytona Beach feels that they want the Queen of Hype as MPD, Dale Jr doesn’t stand a chance. Even if he beat her by 1 million votes he’d still lose by royal decree from Daytona Beach.

Hyundai Coming?

That’s what several of my sources are saying. They’ll be using the “Genesis” label on the generic race vehicle. Yet another foreign label running a generic race vehicle with a purpose-built engine because they don’t make an actual car that runs a V-8. If it’s true, you can bet there will be even lower TV ratings and even emptier grandstands than what we witnessed this past season.

Auto Racing Favorite Sport With Only 5%

According to a recent Rasmussen Poll, only 5% of those surveyed said that auto racing was their favorite sport. So, if we take Rasmussen’s 5% and multiply that times the current US population (approx. 300 million), you come out with 15 million race fans. That’s a far cry from the 90 million Faux King Brian claimed are NA$CAR fans. Then you have to break that 15 million down further between the various forms of auto racing and based on some figures from a source who figured it out, you’ve got about 7 million NA$CAR fans. That’s based on a combination of TV ratings and track attendance. So maybe it’s time Faux King Brian and his henchmen submitted to a drug test because it sure seems like they’re drinking the bong water pretty hard to come up with that 90 million number.

Here’s a direct quote from Rasmussen:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of sports fans finds that 53% say football is their favorite sport to follow. Baseball comes in a distant second with 16% support, while basketball is the favorite of 11%. Six percent (6%) of Americans prefer hockey, with no other sport including soccer, auto racing, golf and tennis reaching five percent (5%).

Testing: Public Versus Private Comments

While we’re reading about how “wonderful” the new POS, I mean COT supposedly is, what I’m hearing through backchannels is quite the opposite. The “new” vehicle is having some severe handling issues. Naturally I’m not surprised at the complaints. We heard the same complaints time and again about the COT until an official edict was issued from the Ivory Towers in Daytona telling the drivers, teams, & owners to keep their yaps shut or else. Obviously they haven’t changed the steering points as was suggested several years ago or gone to different tires. So you can expect to see the “traditional” 26 car pile-up come Daytona 500 time caused by the ill handling generic race vehicles.

Who Built Charlotte Motor Speedway?

Here’s proof positive that good ole BS did not build the speedway as he keeps claiming he did. Remember, when it comes to BS, you’re dealing with BS.