Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Misreporting, Dega, JGR Engines, and Other Stuff

Mayfield Misreporting


About a month ago there was an article saying that some of the guns that Jeremy Mayfield owns were stolen. If you go back to the beginning of this entire episode, the guns were processed by the County Mounties and all of the guns came back clean and legally owned. So why report that some of the guns were stolen? Either the reporter didn’t check his facts or the DA is trying to muddy the waters in an already murky case.


Some examples of the murkiness involved. The supposed stolen furniture that was in the Mayfield residence had been legally purchased at auction in a lot sale several years before the local constabulary arrested Mayfield. Mayfield has the receipts for the furniture however the DA has yet to release the receipts to Mayfield’s attorneys so he can prove his innocence on those items. Sounds a bit like obstruction of justice on the part of the DA to me.


Then there’s the money that was in the safe at the Mayfield residence that was never logged into evidence according to the evidence logs. Who emptied the safe? Why the County Mounties did. So why wasn’t the money entered on the evidence logs based on the charges leveled against Mayfield? From what residents of the 2 counties involved in the arrest of Mayfield have told me, there is corruption not only in the local constabulary but also in the DA’s office. So where did the missing money go?


Then there’s the hearings that kept being postponed. Every time Mayfield’s hearings were postponed, the hearings for the supposed star witness were also postponed. Just why is that? Coincidence maybe? And yet charges against one of the 3 alleged to be involved in the theft were dropped altogether after the death of the star witness, who was trying to outrun cops on a motorcycle which had both cash and meth hidden in a compartment on the motorcycle and ran headlong into an SUV killing both himself and his passenger.


The longer the case goes, the stranger things get, and the more you have to wonder about whether or not this whole thing was a set up to begin with.



The Invisible Man Racing at Talladega


It appears that the Queen of Hype was bumped by the Invisible Man at Talladega causing her car to turn right into another car. It seems the unauthorized 44th car on the track had been borrowed from Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. The Invisible Boat Mobile. When reached for comment the Invisible Man said:

“                                                      ". “                                              ". “                                                                              ".


Newman Sounding Off


And rightfully so. Nearly a 4 hour rain delay, sunset rapidly approaching, and instead of calling the race at the half way point, which they could’ve and should’ve done, the bumbling bureaucrats in the race control booth decided to have them race some more. It proves that driver safety is of second importance to the Beach Boy Bubbas. I’d rather have a race called for rain than have drivers and possibly even fans injured because greed over-ruled common sense.


And is it coincidental that after the carnage at Talladega that James Finch announces he’s going to pull the plug on his race team? He specifically mentions having a few unwrecked cars to run until the race at Indy at which time he‘ll close the doors.


NA$CAR can review Newman’s statement they want to. The fact is Newman is right. But because he did heavily criticize the sanctioning body albeit not in name, he will face some sort of penalty whether from the official rulebook or the Double Secret Probation rulebook.


JGR Innocent of Engine Wrong Doings


Yes, you read that right. So who’s actually guilty. Well TuRD admitted to their part with the lightweight connecting rod. But that’s only a small part. The guilty parties actually reside within the Ivory Towers in Daytona Beach. Faux King Brian and his band of court jesters. You have to go back to when the Japanese company first arrived and bought their way into NA$CAR for $84 million. Part of the deal was that their engines would be sealed and could only be opened by a technician from their company and only in the presence of NA$CAR officials. No representatives of the other manufacturers nor the media could be present when their engines were opened up for inspection. And Faux King Brian and his court jesters signed off on it. So if anyone is truly guilty in this affair it’s Faux King Brian for not having the foresight to see what a sealed engine program run by one specific manufacturer could cause. This may not get JGR off the hook but at least folks will know who the guilty party truly is.


Underdogs Upset the Script


Front Row Motorsports upset the big teams and the script provided by Daytona Beach by winning at Talladega. Jabber Jaws and his balding parrot could do nothing about them running in the lead pack and being shown on TV. Even Tommy Baldwin’s cars were being shown totally disrupting the normal infomercial presentation.


It seems that the bumbling buffoons in race control didn’t like the fact that there were 4 Fords in the first four positions when the race was red flagged for rain so they didn’t call the race off. Heavens forbid the brand that isn’t the preferred brand of Faux King Brian and Jabber Jaws should win the race. So in their finite, myopic wisdom, they decided to run the rest of the race despite both rain and sunset approaching. Drivers were complaining about the darkness and the increased safety risk. We at home could see some raindrops on the camera lenses which means that the track was slick in those parts and increased the odds of a serious wreck. And sure enough we got that wreck leading to a Green, White, Wreckers finish. With drivers jockeying around and trying to block, two teammates hung together and made it to the finish line first and second. Both driving Fords. As did the 3rd place driver. So despite trying to manipulate things, Ford still won.


What was amazing was the humility of both drivers and the fact that the first thing they did was to thank God. Anyone remember when Jeff Gordon, Dale Jarrett, and some other drivers use to do that back in the 90’s? The win by David Ragan and 2nd place going to his teammate David Gilliland has to be the feel good story of the season. And with Talladega having the 2nd largest purse behind the Daytona 500, you know their team owner Bob Jenkins, who has been paying out of pocket to run his team, is probably dancing a jig.


So I’m sure Jabber Jaws is having to mull over how he can omit interviews with both Davids come next week when they go to Darlington since they aren‘t in the script. But he can console himself in that Motormouth Mikey will be back in the Infield Outhouse screaming, swooning, and shilling for everything and everything he’s getting paid to shill for. And you know jack Roush has got to be kicking himself in the butt for letting David Ragan go. But Jack can take some conciliation in the fact that it was a Roush-Yates engine that finished 1-2-3.


Penske Guilty, Penalty Reduced Somewhat


NA$CAR’s Kangaroo Court Chief John Middlebrook pronounced Penske guilty as charged for violating the rulebook. No surprise really. What was surprising is that he was feeling benevolent and cut the length of the suspensions of the crew chief, car chief, engineers, and the competition director of Penske South. However, the points docked and the financial fines are still in effect.


For those not familiar with Middlebrook, he was one of the execs at GM they helped drive it into bankruptcy by giving consumers cars they didn’t want to buy and is a personal friend of The Felon. He’s also reduced some penalties in the past such as with Robby Gordon where he eliminated the points docked but increased the financial penalty by doubling it.


Where’s the Gas Coming From?


And no, I’m not talking about what happens after eating some beans. I’m talking about the fuel that’s being used each and every weekend at the tracks. Sunoco sold off its refineries in 2011 which means that somebody else is making their fuel. So who is it? VP? Shell? Renegade? Who is the actual fuel manufacturer? It sure isn’t American Ethanol as their primarily a lobbying group for ethanol subsidies unless they bought some refineries and I don’t find anything about that on their web site. A little subtle deception going on for marketing purposes? It wouldn’t be the first time.