Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Hot Seat

By Dawg Chapman

Unless you're like the guy in the insurance commercial, & live under a rock.
Just why this guy would need insurance always puzzled me, but you get
the idea.

Then you know that as of this writing, a winning Cup seat just become
available, on very short notice. This came about because of a mutual
agreement between Penske, Shell, & Kurt Busch. This strikes me as pretty
significant, because it's probably the only time Bush has been agreeable the
entire season. In a few short months, I'm going to agree to pay my taxes.
It's pretty much the same deal, I expect.

This has to be considers a real serendipitous stroke of luck. Just when some
name drivers had pretty much given up hope of landing a quality ride for 2012,
& were sifting through the available rides. Looking, I'm sure for something
that offered a glimmer of turning into something more than another year of
just hanging on in Cup.

The names most often mentioned are David Reagan, Brian Vickers, David
Reutimann, & Sam Hornish Jr. It's a shame that Clint Bowyer had settled for a seat owned by in his words, "the worst driver in NASCAR." Hmmm, I wonder if there's anything like the "10 second rule" applying to NASCAR contracts? Maybe it could be annulled like a marriage that was never consummated. I really like Clint, but I'll
be unable to pull for him as long as he's driving for Super Shill, but I digress.

One thing that I noticed, was that Elliott Sadler's name was never

I do have a few fantasy picks, & I'm sure you probably do too.

I'd love to see Bobby Labonte, in a good car again. This isn't a put down
of the 47, but as a single car team, they have lots of room for improvement.
Getting out from under Super Shill's umbrella is a good first step, but there's
a lot more steps to be taken before they get to where they want to be. I doubt
Bobby's got time to make the trip. Terry got a similar chance with Hendrick,
late in his career & picked up a second Championship, as a result. Who knows,
maybe lightning could strike twice?

Another good choice, & my personal favorite, would be Robby Gordon.
After 6 Busch years, (sort of like dog years) having Robby on board,
would seem a lot less difficult. Robby's been plowing pretty rocky ground
the last couple of years, & might have a different outlook on being a
little more of an organization man now.

One spot that's empty in Robby's crowded trophy case is for the Indy 500.
If an Indy seat were part of the deal. This could be the perfect win, win
situation for all involved. Another plus that Robby could bring, would be
a ton of very loyal, hard core fans. Way more than any of the other drivers
being considered.

It's no secret, that I think Dave Blaney has been on the short end of
the stick, his NASCAR entire career. I'd dearly love to see what he
could do in a top ride. Again, no disrespect to the 36. I'm happy that
Dave's got a full time ride, that is actually able to race, but...well, you

At this time, it looks like David Ragan his the inside track on the ride,
& of the drivers most mentioned, he's probably the best choice.
One thing is certain, he'll never embarrass the organization, or the
sponsor the way Kurt did.

Whoever ends up in the seat next season, is going to find it a
"hot seat." They're not going to measure up to the criteria that
Shell wants in a driver, so it's sounding like they will be on a one
year contract.

When you consider the alternatives, any driver that's offered the ride,
will jump at the deal. But they need to consider it a year long try out,
& a year like they had this year won't cut it.

Another driver who's in a pretty hot seat, would be Kyle.
I really think both of the Busch Brats should be looking for work
now, but neither his sponsor, or owner was willing to take that

I've said several times that "I don't see Kyle as a candy salesman."
One more embarrassing temper tantrum, & Mars/M & M may well
come to the same conclusion.

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  1. I have to agree with you on the Dave Blaney thing. I think Blaney would be a good choice. The guy has always given me the feeling that if put in a quality ride he would be a consistent winner.... David Reutimann gives me the same feeling... both guys are way more talented than their equipment is quality...

    Of course, there are a handful of drivers I could say that about in the Cup Series. But as it stands now, If you aren't on one of NASCAR's 3 teams that the sanctioning body is "in bed with" then you ain't got much of a shot a competing for wins on a consistent basis....

  2. I wonder if Clint Boyer regrets signing with MWR?

    "Hell yeah."

    David Ragan seems to be a really nice guy. Unfortunately, that doesn't make him the best guy to fill the #22 seat.

    I believe David Ragan, like many of his peers, was rushed up to the Cup level before being ready. NASCAR's "youth movement" hasn't worked out so well. In fact, not many of BZF's schemes have worked out since he took over NASCAR, by default.

    An opportunity to drive a race car should be earned, not handed over by default. Andy Lally won Rookie of the Year by default. That's a shame.

    I'd love to see Robby Gordon driving the #22.

    Bobby Labonte won a championship in 2000. No one was better at Atlanta. What happened?

    The cars changed and he couldn't figure out how to drive them.

  3. Back when Roush was filling a seat, it was thought that Travis Kvapil would be given the ride, but it went to Ragan. I would like to see Kvapil get a chance at the seat.

  4. Marybeth

    I like Travis also, but I'm afraid that when he was passed over he missed his big chance.

  5. Blaney would be a good choice if it were up to me. I think he could qualify driving a shopping cart if it came down to it.

  6. So true on the Blaney qualifying comment. He did it last year, and he did it when he was teamed with Mayfield at Bill Davis Racing: He was taken out of the car he put in the top 35 so the other driver could get in the race- AND he'd take the lesser car and qualify on time. Then he would still run a better race than the teammate. Not surprising in the least. Makes you wonder what would happen if he had the equipment...

  7. nice ..I agree,an old rusty shopping cart at that!