Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Monday, December 5, 2011

Yes Virginia, There Is A Consequence

By John "Dawg" Chapman

Well, the already long NASCAR unemployment queue just got longer by one

While my heart goes out to the hundreds of crew, or more correctly, former crew members, & their families who are looking at not only a bleak holiday season. But most probably a pretty bleak future in their chosen field as well. We've all heard the phrase, "you'll never work in this town again", for many this could be true.

These are people who have worked incredibly long, & hard to put the very best car, or truck, on the track each & every week, & have done it for pride, rather than just for a paycheck. While some of these skills are transferrable to other jobs. It will never be the same. These folks are unemployed, through no fault of their own.

The same can't be said of the latest person to join that sad line. Kurt pretty much volunteered, to join. I'm going to have a really hard time working too much sympathy for him. He does have something few others in line possess. He's got talent, but that's not it. Everyone in line has talent, or they wouldn't have been there in the first place. What he has is a very fat wallet to soften the blow.He's not going to have to worry about the house, & car, payments. The kids orthodontist, or all those other things that most of his neighbors in line have to deal with.

This whole deal reminds me of the Billy Joel song, Somewhere Along the Line.

"I knew that there'd be hell to pay,
when the fun falls through,
& the rent comes due.
Somewhere along the line"
The difference between Kurt, & the guy in the song, was that the song Dude, (& no, I'm not talking about Mr. Penske) knew that the day of reckoning was coming. I seriously doubt that Kurt had figured that out. When you've always gotten a pass, why would you expect anything else? He will have his own unique worries to deal with.

Do I think that Kurt will never have another steady Cup ride? No I don't think that at all. Of all the words that have been written about the brothers Busch. No one has ever questioned their talent. Do I think that he's just left his last really competitive ride? Obviously, the jury's still out on that, & it's way too soon to tell, but I do know this.When "A" company signs on as sponsor, the driver becomes the face of the company.Without a solid sponsor, all that is available to any driver is the "shirt tail" rides. I'd say at this point, it's pretty much a coin flip.

The net, is like print books. Once it's out there, it's pretty much always  out there. If anyone cares to look, it can be found.You can bet that when Kurt, or an owner approaches any corporation for sponsorship. That corporation is going to look at everything they can find on him, as they would, & should for any driver.What they'll find on the social networks, is not some bleeped out network footage. Sanitized for the kiddies, but exactly what he said, & what he said,was way beyond what most corporations want to be associated with. I expect these things are far from done, biting him in the butt.

As of now, Kyle has a distinct advantage, with his deal because his current sponsor, Mars/M&M is not a public company, so the family can make a decision & not have to worry about blowback from stockholders. Kurt's not so lucky.

Either way, I think we can safely say, for Kurt. "The fun's fallen through and the rent's come due."

We tend to focus on the drivers, & Crew Chiefs, because we have names & faces, but don't forget about all the other NASCAR folks in line ahead of Kurt.

The off season might indeed be short, but for these families, there's no new season coming up. With highly specialized job skills, in a very weak job market, it could be a long cold winter.

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  1. This is one of the most reasonable articles about Nascar Ive read in a while. Agree with everything you say.
    I think that fans generally dont hold drivers to the same standard that they would their coworkers. But as you corporations do, and they NEVER forget. As a minor sponsor myself,my view is its my money and I try to make sure that the image is the one that I want conveyed.
    As to KB's future, perhaps he can get some minor rides when a promoter needs to sell some tickets, but I think his days as a headliner are over.

  2. I saw some clips of Kurt saying the F Bomb quite a few times this year.....once ..maybe but lots of times...YIKES!!!! Don't have a clue to where he'll get a job...
    Maybe a year off..he'll think aboutit...and than he'll have to work himself up the ranks again.
    Hopefully Kyle won't ruin his ride this comming year...but I think he'll learn from his brother's mistakes and M&M's showed Kyle something when they wanted him out of the car the last 2 races.
    Just have to wait and see.

  3. The only positive thing Kurt has going for himself is the past champions provisional. That might equate to a start and park ride.

    I bet Clint Bowyer is kicking himself now that he's committed to MWR.

    Why the media is so high on David Ragan, baffles me. A fluke (tandem racing) win at Daytona doesn't mean anything. David Ragan was moved into Cup racing too soon.

    NASCAR's youth movement has been an overall failure. Look at Andy Lally being crowned Rookie of the Year. He was the only guy represented and didn't even drive at Homestead. Meaningless. How messed up is that?

    Maybe NASCAR needs the Busch brothers, but I sure as hell don't.