Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Robinson-Blakeney Racing, HOF Tape Delay, Congrats Jerry Bonkowski, & Other Stuff

Robinson-Blakeney Racing
Jay Robinson has partnered with Troy Blakeney to form Robinson-Blakeney Racing, LLC. There are currently 4 cars in their stable. 3 of the 4 are being converted from Ford, Dodge, & Chevy to the make they’ll be running once the season starts. There’s no mention of any support from the car manufacturer or their racing division. Based on the cutbacks and shift of engine support to JGR, you have to wonder who will be supplying their engines.
HOF Ceremony on Tape Delay
Knowing full well in advance when the Bondo-Jackson show was going to be on and scheduling around it, NA$CAR decided to go with a tape delay of the official induction ceremonies to the France Hall of Fantasies, that wonderful place that‘s caused a nation-wide shortage of red ink.
By going with a tape delay, it gave the NA$CAR Media Group a chance to edit out such things as Faux King Brian mumbling, stumbling, and bumbling through his speeches and not showing Cale trying to shut Jabber Jaws up once and for all with some 200 MPH Tape for the benefit of the fans at home.
Monster Pulls the Plug on Ricky Carmichael
It seems that after a long-time relationship with Ricky Carmichael, Monster Energy Drink pulled the plug on him in favor of the most disliked drivers in NA$CAR. Neither Robby Gordon nor Carmichael really fit the image of the demographics that Monster is going after. Foul-mouthed, disrespectful, whiny, spoiled punks. Looks like Monster finally got a match made in hell, I mean heaven for their sponsorship. Or is it a personal services contract such as they had with Robby Gordon? Guess we’ll find out when they start whining about not getting sponsorship money from Monster.
New Manufacturer Joining NA$CAR in 2013?
The word I’m hearing from my open wheel and road racing sources are saying that either VW or Hyundai will be joining Brian’s Big Top Circus in 2013, thus part of the reason for running the obsolete throttle body injection (TBI) system. VW has previously stated that they weren’t interested in NA$CAR because they wanted to be able to show off their technology. This means we might see yet another change to the fuel injection system being run if VW shows up. Hyundai, the owner of Kia, is a Korean owned company and as far as I can find out doesn’t make a V-8 of any sort for their cars. This would put them in the same boat as the foreign owned manufacturer currently competing under Brian’s Big Top. Special, purpose-designed engines that they don‘t make for their street cars. But then, all the manufacturers are doing that now for NA$CAR. Maybe the manufacturers need to push for production-based engines while they’re pushing for identifiable bodylines?
Either manufacturer would be showing up at the perfect time when the TV contract talks would be under way (2013) and could use the same tactics used by the current foreign-owned manufacturer to buy their way in to help clinch the TV contracts by coughing up a ton of commercial & advertising money like their predecessor did. This would put the Motormouth Brothers in a pickle as they are already “owned” and would be forced to shill for a brand that doesn’t own them. Such a dilemma.
Lotus to Use Internet to Introduce New F-1 Car
In sort of a first, Lotus will be using the internet to roll out their new F-1 car on February 5th at 6 PM Eastern Time. After a 2 year hiatus from F-1, Kimi Raikkonen will be joining Lotus and doing the 2 days of testing at Jerez on February 7th. You can see the new car roll out at
Peugeot Pulls the Plug on Racing
Because of the decline in worldwide sales, Peugeot is pulling the plug on their racing efforts. They will not be competing in Le Mans, WEC Championship, or other events. In the case of the WEC, it leaves Audi to run unmolested in that series. And with no LMP1 cars being run, that leaves the field wide open there. Originally, they had announced they would furnish cars for “privateers” but even that seems to have gone to the wayside.
Austin Track to be Completed in August
It looks like the Course of the Americas (COTA) will be finished in August which should allow it to be on the FIA's World Motor Sport Council 2012 calendar. Right now, Current cost estimates put the cost of the track at $350 million and a capacity of 120,000. So it looks like F-1 will be racing there this season.
FIA Bans Reactive Suspension
Even though the FIA originally approved the reactive suspension that Lotus developed, they now have done an ASO and disapproved it after Ferrari couldn’t figure out how to make theirs work and complained to current FIA President Todt (German word for dead) and former Ferrari Team Leader. Doesn’t take an Einstein to figure this one out.

More Changes Coming for Daytona 500
One of the changes in place is a lowering of the rear bumper and there will probably a change to the pressure on the radiator and the grill opening yet again making it even smaller than it currently is all in an effort to force teams to pack race again and not race Brokeback style.
Bristol Green Promotion
Honestly? It smacks of desperation as they try to ride the coat tails of NA$CAR’s Celebrity Spokesmodel in the hopes that some folks will be gullible enough to buy tickets to help fill the ever emptier grandstands at the track which has been experiencing declining ticket sales ever since the introduction of NA$CAR’s generic race car and the reconfiguration of the track. Before the introduction of the generic race vehicles and the reconfiguration of the track, Bristol had a waiting list for tickets for the Cup race and never really sold out for any of the lower tier races. Since the reconfiguration and use of generic race vehicles, fans has disappeared in droves for all the races there. So is NA$CAR’s celebrity spokesmodel really going to put butts in the seats? I don’t think so.
Congrats to Jerry Bonkowski
Jerry has been voted onto the Board of Directors of the National Motorsports Press Association. When I congratulated Jerry on Twitter he wrote back: “Thanks, Mike. I have some big shoes to fill ... but I have big feet already, so that helps LOL”. Glad Jerry still has his sense of humor. I’m sure he’ll do a great job.


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