Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tax Deductions, Missing Memorabilia, HOF, & Other Stuff

Sam Ard Donations Can Be Tax Deductible

If you’re looking for a tax deduction for next year, you can donate to the Sam Ard Care Fund through Motor Racing Outreach (MRO) at:
Samuel J. Ard Care Fund
Smith Tower Suite 405
555 Concord Parkway South
Concord, NC 28027

Ramo Stott Memorabilia Still Missing


Still no word or any leads on the Ramo Stott memorabilia that was stolen from the Stott household in Iowa. There is still a reward for the arrest and conviction of the dirt bags who stole it.
Spinning the Ratings Numbers
NA$CAR’s latest “spin” has to do with the ratings numbers. If they moved a race from one weekend to another, but there was still a race on, then the numbers are still valid. For example, if race #5 of this season is measured against race #5 of last season, then the numbers comparison should be valid. However, because the race locations may be a week earlier or later than last season, the numbers are being skewed to show that this season race at Talladega for example is up versus last year’s race even though they’re not on the same weekend. “Flip it on full spin cycle boys, we want those numbers to look good”.
Nielsen Media Research estimates there are 115.9 million television households in the U.S.A. "Household Rating" is an expression of the percentage of households tuned in to any show at a given time. Therefore, a 1.0 rating would equal an average of 1.159 million households were watching during the program.
2012 HOF Nominees

The announcement was made for next years HOF nominees. And once again I’ll say that Raymond Parks Jr and Red Byron should be inducted. They should’ve both been inducted in the first class. Without the financing of Raymond Parks Jr’s moonshine, Bill France Sr would’ve had to fold up his tent and gone home. In the tradition of real sports, Red Byron should’ve been inducted in the 1st class as he was the first champion. But as this is about family oriented sports entertainment and Faux King Brian doing his best to sever the ties of moonshine and the South to the origins, revising history, and making of what was once a sport, both of them lost out.
After those two, here’s where it gets tricky. There are a lot of worthy folks on the list. The Wood Brothers who revolutionized the pit stop. Two time Grand National and American Motorcycle Association Champion Joe Weatherly. Two time champion Herb Thomas, who’s career was ended early thanks to Carl Kiekhaefer because Herb changed teams and Kiekhaefer was irate about it and had Herb intentionally taken out during a race in Shelby NC after which Herb was never quite the same. Two time Grand National champion Tim Flock who was blackballed by Bill France Sr along with Curtis Turner for trying to form a badly needed drivers’ union which is still needed today is another worthy candidate. There are some sentimental favorites for me on the list. Fireball Roberts, NASCAR’s first real superstar, who was my hero as a kid. Hometown hero Curtis Turner. NASCAR’s original Golden Boy Fred Lorenzen. Cotton Owens who was a success as both an owner and driver and was selected as one of NASCAR’s Top 50 drivers. But despite the accomplishments and contributions of some of these early legends, they won’t make it in because they don’t have the “name recognition” or “star quality” that Faux King Brian is lusting after. Some still have the heavy taint of “redneck”, “Southerner”, and “moonshine” to their names and legends which the Revisionists, PC crowd, and Faux King Brian despise so much. We have one driver who could be selected because of his ethnic background, and no, I’m not going to mention his name because that would be used by Faux King Brian‘s Diversity Program as yet another sham showpiece and actually dishonor the driver. Pick who you want and vote for them. Drop an e-mail to Dustin Long as he’s one of the voting members and let him know who you think should be in the 2012 class and why.
IndyCar Moving Forward
While the dinosaur that is NASCAR still continues on with it’s generic race vehicles and will eventually embrace 1980’s engine technology with the TBI (Throttle Body Injection) system, IndyCar is bringing in engine manufacturers who are using current, state-of-the-art engine technology and will be moving away from their generic 1980’s Dallara bodies to a variety of body styles next season. According to Autoextremist owner/writer Peter De Lorenzo, “Because the buzz at Long Beach wasn't about how great the ALMS is, it was about how many quality teams from the ALMS and Grand-Am were seriously considering giving IndyCar a shot in 2012”. This could boost the car count for IndyCar to levels where they could actually have to resort to “go or go home” qualifying procedures and hurt the Grand-Am Series, which is owned by NA$CAR, because of it‘s dwindling car counts under the “leadership“ of Jim France, Faux King Brian‘s uncle, and the real lack on interest by NA$CAR in the Grand-Am Series and the incorporation of NA$CAR‘s “techniques“ to generate artificial excitement. What’s it going to take to get NA$CAR into the 21st Century, run relevant engine technology, and have race vehicles that actually resemble their street counterparts? A walk-out by the Big 3, which they have threatened to do if NA$CAR doesn’t get off their slower than molasses rear ends and start making the cars readily brand identifiable as either a Mustang, Challenger, or Impala.
Another Woman to Drive in the Indy 500
Conquest Racing has announced that they will be fielding a car for Pippa Mann. This means that the Indy 500 field will have 3 female racers and one female celebrity in the field. Folks don’t know it because Pippa’s not a celebrity but she was the first woman to sit on the pole at IMS and did it in the Indy Light cars. Pippa will be joined by drivers Simona De Silvestro and Ana Beatriz and female celebrity the Queen of Hype.
IndyCar to Bid Bye Bye to the QoH Next Season
It’s looking like the Queen of Hype won’t be back in the IndyCar Series next season based on what sources are telling me. She’ll be spending next season promoting her branding and marketing in NA$CAR full-time instead of the current part-time branding and marketing schedule she’s had the last two seasons. If the branding and marketing schedule on BSPN turned your stomach the last 2 seasons, just wait til next season when it‘s all Danican‘t all the time on BSPN.
No Problems at Talladega for Robby

Robby had his Fast 5/Speed Energy show car and souvenir hauler at Talladega and didn’t have a single problem with his show car being towed, being banned from the I$C tracks, or being accused of “ambush marketing” which is also used by a home improvement company, a car manufacturer, a certain cell phone provider who is the only one allowed thanks to the exclusivity agreement, and the “fine” folks at Focks who employ ambush marketing every time they shill for one certain auto manufacturer who owns Jabber Jaws, certain drivers who are brand names by themselves, the official fuel provider, the official tire provider, and every time they slip in a logo for the Cup and fuel provider on either the roof cam, in-car, or rear cam views with the driver‘s name and car info.
Speaking of which, anyone happen to notice which driver’s fans are being targeted by American Ethernol with the roof cam shots?
SCCA Action at Long Beach
In the SCCA World Challenge race at Long Beach, female driver Shea Holbrook won the Touring Car division. Joey Hand co-piloted the Team BMW RLL M3 to the ALMS GT win at Long Beach. So far he has won the Rolex 24, Sebring, and Long Beach - 3-for-3. Looks like Joey could have a banner year if this keeps up. Can or will anyone step up to the challenge?
US Forces Still Involved With Japanese Relief Efforts
About the only thing we’re hearing about now in the media is the occasional reports about the nuclear reactors that were damaged during the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan but our troops are still there helping with various relief efforts. Now that roads are re-opened, helicopter efforts launched and recovered from the USS Ronald Reagan have been scaled back. Our troops will continue to assist in the relief efforts there until the Japanese government can fully take over for our troops. Japanese Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa said the U.S. aid underscored the importance of the two nations’ military alliance. “At no other time have I felt as proud of our alliance with the United States,” Kitazawa was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying. So while things may be scaling back some, we’ve still got goodwill ambassadors on the ground lending a helping hand.


  1. Mike, I read where the highest ratings for the dega race were between 4:30 and 4:45 -- the time when race fans who know the deal would tune back in to catch the finish, rather than waste their entire afternoon being stupefied by the broadcast.

    There was also a disclaimer I read that said the ratings were lower because of the power outages in the southeast because of the terrible storm damage. I'm sure anyone who was subjected to those tornados and storms would have had better things to do than watch the lovebugs, even if they had power.

    With Simona hopefully running in the Indy500 I have more reason to watch it now. Oh joy, the QoH will be annoying us full time next year -- what a shame. Even less reason to watch the Cup Lite series.

  2. I'm not a bit surprised on the timing Gina. JD at the Daly Planet mentioned it was the highest DVR'ed race so far this season. That in itself says a lot.

    I can understand power outages and storm damage affecting the ratings. To any normal people, given a choice between repairing the storm damage and listening to Jabber Jaws flapping his gums for 4 hours, they'll repair storm damage. As to the two car pace laps passed off as high speed automobive competition, the best term I can think of to call it is Brokeback Racing.

    With Simona, Ana Beatriz, and Pippa Mann running in the Indy 500, I think more folks will be tuning in and maybe even showing up to watch them put the QoH to shame. With QoH having a full-time marketing and branding campaign in NA$CAR next season, I'm betting the ratings will hit rock bottom on BSPN as folks tune out because of the extraordinary amount of time they'll be dedicating to QoH and her branding and marketing campaign.If the Busch regulars thought they didn't get much coverage the last two years, just wait til next season.

  3. It's already difficult to watch the Nationwide series with the domination by the cup drivers. No wonder sponsorship is such an issue - the full time drivers get no respect and no publicity even when they run well.

    It's apparent that ESPN only took N'wide so they could get the cup races. Trouble is they don't seem to know how to make a broadcast interesting with either series, resulting in a lack of interest from race fans.

  4. TD90...Sad story about Ramo Stott. He was the first stock car driver that I cheered for when I was young. Back in 1960 watching him and Ernie Derr race at the Minnesota State Fair. I hope they recover what was stolen. I also believe Na$crap is manipulating the HOF inductions to benefit themselves by putting the spotlight on Na$rap instead of the drivers that made the sport what it is. Dega was great at the green flag and then I watched baseball and tuned back for the finish. I did not want to fall asleep with the running of Butt Paste Buddies. Thanks for your column.

  5. Hey Mikie. Love that picture. It gives new meaning to the "gentlemen, please meet the NA$CAR officials in the hauler/trailer after the 'race'. We have some things to discuss." Glad to hear that Robby Gordon did not appear to have any difficulties at Talladega. Guess I'll just have to vote with my ticket dollars, and not go to the SMI tracks or support those facilities. Hey, not going is a good investment - and I am saving money.

  6. Gina, remember the old excuse that Cup drivers put butts in the seats for the Busch Series races? I think NA$CAR is deluding itself still by saying that. Every race we've seen this year hasn't had anywhere near a sell-out or even half-capacity. NA$CAR needs to get rid of the Cup drivers and make it a Busch-only drivers' series. Back when they ran at places like South Boston, Myrtle beach, and other places the Cup series didn't go, they had great crowds and even sell-outs. I think they need to go back to that. Come time for the TV contract renewal, NA$CAR will be lucky to get 25% of what they got last time and if that's the case they need to insist on top notch coverage instead of the crap we get served up.

    TD90, it's drivers like Ramo Stott who really amazed me with their ability to race on a variety of surfaces in a variety of different types of cars. They were drivers to be admired. And Ramo is highly thought of by some of the legends he raced against, including some of greats of NASCAR before it became NA$CAR. I've heard his name brought up several times at the Legends Helping Legends fundraiser by Rex White, Tiger Tom Pistone, and a few others.As to the HOF, the "official" word is that NA$CAR is looking for drivers with "star power" and "name recognition". That means that Raymond Parks Jr, one of the founding fathers of NASCAR, and Red Byron, NASCAR's first champion don't stand a chance of getting in versus the likes of Cale or Motormouth Waltrip, who Focks is helping out every week with their little "DW Moment". They must think that just because they can advertise him free of charge and getting him into the HOF will help boost their ratings. He's one of the main reasons their ratings are sinking. I like your Butt Paste Buddies term to describe Talladega. I've got one I'm saving for Daytona in July.

    Glad you like the picture Anon 10:09. If more folks follow your lead and stay away from the SMI tracks they might eventually get the message. If you drop a line to the track sponsors and let them know you won't be buying their products in addition to boycotting the SMI tracks they sponsor, eventually they might be able to bring pressure to bear on Bruton after their bottom line is affected by fans boycotting their products. I don't drink sodas, I won't use fuel from the official fuel provider, I don't buy tires from the official tire provider, I stay away from candies (in part because I'm diabetic), don't shop at certain home improvement stores, won't buy certain brands of batteries, won't drink certain energy drinks (once again in part because of my diabetes), don't eat certain brands of pizza, and a whole list of other team sponsors I avoid. If every fan or even half the fans did this, sponsors, SMI, and NA$CAR would come to realize the power that the fans really have. Plus there's nothing wrong with saving a few bucks either. For what a weekend at the track cost, you can use that money to go on a nice weekend away from home in a comfortable location without screaming crowds and drunks fighting in the stands.

  7. Mikie, I agree totally with your comments about Raymond Parks and Red Byron. And I say, induct both this year for sure, along with Herb Thomas, Tim Flock and Clay Earles. This gives a good mix of drivers, with an owner, and a promoter who knew how to do things. However, as you said, it seems that Brian France will push for the phony "star power". Too, as Kyle Petty said, this should have been done 30-years ago, and now we're palying catch-up. As a result, guys like Evans and Yarborough will have to wait another year or two to get their true recognition! Sad! And too, with Parks, maybe the moonshine history might have something to do with his not being induced so far, but as Humpy Wheeler said in his book, it's total higwash that NASCAR tried to bury the past. And too, as you said, Parks bailed France out financially. Also, In the book about Parks (Driving With The Devil), it talked about the formation of NASCAR. You and I both know that it's a total falacy that Bill France founded NASCAR. NASCAR was founded by a commitee, of which Parks, Byron, and Red Vogt were part of. France was an opportunist who jumped in and took over! It's all in the book!

    Love your blog! It's a must-read!

  8. Thanks Ken. "Driving With The Devil" is a must-read book for race fans. Along with that is Jack Flowers' "Dirt Under The Asphalt". Both talk about the early days of the sport and its' formation. One thing you won't find in any "official" NASCAR history book is the fact that most of the meetings that were conducted to form NASCAR were held in the Wilkes Hotel in North Wilkesboro. Red Vogt's son remembers attending the meetings there as a child but can't recall what was discussed due to his age. Raymond Parks Jr, Red Vogt, Red Byron, the Staley brothers, and a few others attended those meetings. Not a single one is given credit. Red Vogt is the one who coined "NASCAR" and not a bit of credit is given to him by the France family.

    One of the other things that's not really considered in the nomination and induction process is the actual contributions of the individuals. If not for Holman-Moody, the cars would all be running their own brand of rims, brakes, and tire sizes. If not for Banjo Matthews, they'd still be fooling around with the chassis trying to figure out how to make it work. If not for Rex White, they'd still be trying to figure out how to adjust the panhard bar, easily steer the car using camber, and how to keep a driver from sliding out of the seat because of G-forces. Tiger Tom Pistone figured out how to use different length spindles for different tracks.

    I think they need to have more racing historians involved with the nomination and voting process and fewer press and media people. The fan vote needs to form a bigger percentage of the overall vote. I also think that the sanctioning body shouldn't be involved at all. That would eliminate any bias towards any one driver, owner, etc.

    One other thing they need to do is stop what Focks is doing every race with Jabber Jaws Waltrip. He's getting free advertising and promotion for his consideration. If they're going to do that then each of the 25 who have been nominated need to get the same exposure.

    Unfortunately, saner, unbiased, and more logical minds won't prevail. It'll be about hype and "star power" rather than actual achievements. Unless or until somebody with half a brain takes over NASCAR, we'll continue to have revisionism, hype, and BS ruling the selection and voting process.

  9. Mikie, first, I also have Jack Flower's "Dirt Under The Asphalt", along with "Hard Driver", the book about Wendell Scott. Second, with regard to Raymond Parks, last year, Brandon Reed, who writes on a website called was running an "e-mail- in campaign" (after all, this is 2011) encouraging people to e-mail support for Parks to the mominating committee for the fan vote. Do you know if Brandon is going to try to do that again this year? I sent more than a few e-mails myself, but obviously, it wasn't enough.

    Also, I have a question about the Nationwide series (Cup Lite). Last year, Speed similcast one of the races for ESPN. This year, Speed has been advertising that they are broadcasting the Richmond race. Could this be an indication that ESPN is about to bail on their contract and send all their alloted races (both Nationwide and Cup) to Speed? It would not surprise me at all! Which wouldn't be too bad, except, given that a certain mouthpiece (MW) generally is inserting his $2.00 worth in (it would be $0.02 worth, but the motormouth can't seem to shut up), he would solely destroy the broadcast. What do you think?

  10. Ken, I'm glad to hear you've got some great racing books with the truth in them. I'm not sure if Brandon plans to do another write-in campaign for Raymond Parks. It might be worth dropping him an e-mail and finding out. Another option would be for fans to use Twitter and Facebook to contact as many of the voting members as possible and giving them their opinions.I ight need to see if any of my contacts can divulge some of the voting members so we know who to target rather just just "shotgunning" the media in general.

    One of the problems with a lot of today's media is they weren't even a twinkle in the daddy's eye when some of these greats were racing. Plus they have to rely on the "official" NASCAR biography for all the nominees rather than taking it upon themselves to actually research the nominees through decent books like "Driving With The Devil" or "Full Throttle" and talk to some folks who raced with or against them, owned the team, or were mechanics for the driver/team owner or even the children of some of the nominees. Lord only knows what all has been omitted in them. Red Byron's "official" NASCAR biography was only about a paragraph long. Plus they really need to look at the whole man instead of just what he did behind the wheel or under the hood. Did they make engineering contributions to the sport? Did they improve safety? Did they design a piece of equipment that's still being used today? Did they help out fellow drivers? Did they help out other drivers' families? Really look at the whole person.

    I don't know what it's an indication of Ken other than BSPN doesn't know who to work their schedule. it also shows just how "important" NASCAR is to them. Not very from what we fans are seeing. I think this could also be a way for them not just to get out of their contract but to really lowball NASCAR when the contract comes up for renewal. They can quote low ratings, lack of attendance, and few sponsors for commercials as grounds to lowball on their bid, if they even decide to bid on the next contract. They way I'm figuring it is NASCAR is going to be lucky to get 20-25% of what they got last time. The ratings and attendance don't justify a high price tag.

    What Focks/Speed need to do is see if Bear Bond will keep the Motormouth Brothers mouths shut for an entire race.

    All of the shilling and cheerleading that the Motormouth Brothers do falls under "ambush marketing", which is what Robby Gordon was accused of at TMS.

    If you put both of them in the booth for the Truck Series race, the only time we'll hear from Rick Allen and Phil Parsons will be when they introduce the race. After that, it's going to be the Motormouth Brothers screaming over each other, cheerleading, and trying to out-shill the other one.

  11. Mikie. I agree Byron,Parks,Tim Flock,Wendell Scott, and Little Joe should make the HOF. But you know King Brian wont do it. Jaws will make it this year. yes his stats prove him worthy, but if they keep adding drivers from the Winston era with high stats, the pioneers from the past will never get in. Is Sarah Fisher running the 500?, you dont know how many people ive told at races that she is a by far better driver than Hypica. Pippa and Simona are far better drivers and they are racers too. If you want to raise cash for Sam, sell tickets to people that wanna give a buttwhoopin to the jerks that broke into the Stott home.

  12. Ken, I like your fundraising idea for Sam. I bet we could raise a fortune doing that.

    You can tell a lot about the selection process when Red Vogt, the man who actually coined the term "NASCAR" isn't even considered. Between what Focks is doing every race with their "DW Moments" folks are either going to throw up or once again not vote for him. He may have the stats on his side but his mouth will once again prove his undoing.

    As far as I know Sarah Fisher will not be running in the Indy 500. I believe she's expecting. As is ARCA driver Alli Owens. Sarah rates higher than Hypica (nice term) just on a "sheer guts" scale. Sarah left the Winston West Series and formed her own team. She knows all the ins and outs including the headaches and heartaches that go with it. Plus she puts the team and the sport ahead of herself. What does Hypica sacrifice? A photo spread in a girly magazine? She can't even set up her own ride. Her teammates have to do that. I think that as long as Pippa and Simona don't get caught up in somebody else's mess that they'll finish well ahead of Hypica.

    I've got another idea for a fundraiser for Sam. A "no holds barred" brawl pay-per-view between Hypica and Milka Duno. There's no love between those two and a lot of guys would tune in just in the hopes of seeing some skin. Duno has some serious "guns" on her from her sports car racing days. Hypica gets whooped, Sam gets the money, it's a win-win for everybody.