Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sam Ard Trophy For Sale, TMS Coverage, & Things

Sam Ard’s 1982 Dogwood 500 Trophy For Sale
Since the France family still refuses to do the right thing, Sam is having to sell off another of his trophies. This is the last time this trophy will be seen on E-Bay. Even though Dave Moody wrote a piece about Sam and Jo Ard’s situation, he’s the only person in the NA$CAR media to do so. Where are all these writers who talk about remembering the history of the sport and those that made it? Where’s the outrage for a man who helped build this sport that has to resort to selling off his memories to help pay for his medical bills that are a result of an accident under the guise, supervison, and sanctioning of NA$CAR? Where is the conscience of those that helped contribute to this situation? It’s pathetic really. There’s no morals or conscience when it comes to helping out the former greats of NA$CAR unless it directly puts a buck into the France family pocket.
If you want to help Sam out and do what the France family won’t, here’s the link for the trophy:  



Why Versus is Better than Focks

During the IndyCar race, Versus used the split-screen coverage to show the racing and run commercials. Focks preferred to show 5-8 laps of commercials before interrupting them for a few laps of racing. Versus commentators don’t make up excuses when Danica or the sanctioning body messes up. Focks commentators makes up excuses for everything. Bad tires, bad officiating, and poor performance of the Chosen Ones and cheerleads for one make of vehicle and certain drivers.. Focks uses all sorts of gimmick shots that can cause even sailors to get seasick. Versus keeps the gimmick shots to a minimum preferring to show the action on the track of groups of competitors. When Will Power had pretty much run away with the lead in the closing laps, Versus showed the racing that was going on in the back of the pack. Focks preferred to show single car coverage of Matt Kenseth running away with the lead. Is it any wonder why race fans voice their concerns and dissatisfaction with the poor coverage and commentary of Focks at The Daly Planet week after week during race season?
The National Anthem at TMS

For everything that was wrong at TMS this past weekend, the one thing that Eddie Gossage did get right was bringing in a US Army band to play the National Anthem. And Dale Jr, smack your crew chief upside the head for not paying the proper respects to the flag every time he doesn’t do it. Which so far has been every race this season.
Captain Thunder Interview of Jeremy Mayfield

Jeremy Mayfield did two interviews with John Nevins aka Captain Thunder in which Mayfield was able to give his side of the story without being interrupted or censored. There are some folks who wish Mayfield would just go away, which they’re entitled to. One very striking thing Mayfield pointed out during his interview had to do with one of the drug tests that were done by NA$CAR. He had a test run by an independent lab before he submitted his urine sample to NA$CAR for testing and had another test done afterwards by the same independent lab. Perhaps folks have heard of Lab Corp? They’re one of the top testing labs in the country. NA$CAR’s results came back positive while the Lab Corps results came back negative. So how could that be? Lab Corps has no horse in this race. They couldn’t care one way or the other just so long as their reputation remains intact. They don’t care about the results just so long as they followed the established guidelines and protocols called for by SAMHSA regarding drug testing. Aegis Labs on the other hand is contracted by NA$CAR so they definitely have a vested interest in showing that their “results” are consistent. Especially after they’ve already lost at least one false positive lawsuit using their questionable techniques. I’ve also proven that NA$CAR has fibbed on at least one occasion when their official spokesman stated unequivocally that there were no witnesses to Mayfield’s independent tests and yet Mayfield did have a witness that is known to me as well as a camera crew documenting everything Mayfield was doing.
I know folks have already made up their minds about Mayfield, even though under the basic premise of our laws that you’re innocent until proven guilty and it probably won’t change their minds, give a listen to the interviews and get Mayfield’s side on some of the issues that were brought up by Captain Thunder and his sidekick. 

How About Those Ratings for Texas? 

 According to USA Today, coming in at #32 in the weekly ratings was a repeat of “The Big Bang Theory” with 7.3 million viewers. Coming in at #33 in the ratings was the race at TMS with 7 million viewers just beating out #34 Family Guy and #35 a repeat of America’s Funniest Home Videos at about 6.5 million viewers. What happened to those 75 million fans that NA$CAR is supposed to have? Also, there’s a big disparity between the numbers being reported showing the numbers being up and what they truly were versus last season. Unfortunately I can’t find the article right now but it showed how the numbers were being jumbled around on this year versus last year and how the ratings were actually down.


Gimmick Shots From Focks at TMS
There were 160 gimmick shots for the Cup race .

In-Car Shots 22
Ground Camera Shots 6 
Roof Cam Shots 60 
Rear Cam Shots 24 
Wall Cam Shots 48
The majority of roof cam, rear cam, and in-car cam shots were from the #18, #22, #29, #48, & #88.
Ms Terry DeBris at TMS

When Matt Kenseth had an 8 second lead at Lap 209, Ms Terry DeBris, dressed up as a Texas Longhorn, was found to be grazing along the back straight thus causing Caution #4. But due to the poor lighting on the back of the track and lack of fans there, she wasn’t shown. Apparently she’s been taken away to the Ft Worth Stockyards by Eddie Gossage and is currently waiting to be bid upon.

Focks Faux Pas 

During the 1st Caution, Jabber Jaws said “You’re over 200 mph going into that turn”. Later during the race a roof cam shot of the #18 car with telemetry showed the car didn’t get above 195 mph.


On Lap 173, Mike Joy said “They’re NA$CAR’s two winningest drivers” in reference to Mr. Happy and Hambone Hamlin. NA$CAR’s winningest drivers are The King and The Silver Fox with 200 wins and 105 respectively.
Lap 192, Mike Joy said “Seating down the front stretch and back stretch sections are nearly full but for some sections down past pit road towards Turn #1”. An overhead shot from the blimp/helicopter clearly showed empty seats at Lap 11Lap 19, Lap 29, Lap 30, & Lap 114.

On Lap 211, Mike Joy said, “Hope that clears things up with 211 laps to go”.

How Come?

As easy as it was to show the computer screen which covers speeding on pit road during the race at TMS, how come NA$CAR won’t allow a camera in race control showing the pit road speeds during the pit stops or hook it into a direct feed of some sort to Focks so they could put it on a scroll on the bottom of the screen? That would end some fan complaints regarding the drivers who are perceived to be speeding and if it can be sent via wifi to the teams, they wouldn’t have any grounds to complain when they do get nailed for speeding.

The Race 

Pretty simple really. Matt Kenseth got up front and ran away with it. Outside of the cautions, not a heck of a lot of action was shown on the track outside of some of the pack shots shown from the wall cams. One or two of the Chosen ones passing each other. Most of the race coverage revolved around Kenseth, Johnson, Shrubbery, Mr. Happy, and Busch the Elder with an occasional appearance by Dale Jr and Trevor Bayne. Unlike Versus, as mentioned earlier, Focks decided to show Kenseth all by himself during the closing laps of the race so if there was any mid-pack racing going on the home audience never saw it. A McRace at a McTrack with a McCar. With Fords sweeping the weekend and really running away with the Cup race, you can almost bet there will be some whining from at least one car manufacturer.

Up Next 

The plate disaster called Talladega. Will we have a repeat of the boredom that was Daytona or will there finally be a plate race that doesn’t call for 2 pots of coffee like a McTrack? Guess we’ll have to watch and see.


  1. Mikey,

    I have noticed more and more since you have noted WHO pays respect to the flag and anthem, more and more drivers, and all have been giving respect to the flag and Anthem.GOOD JOB !!!

    Personally, I think that olbz wants peoples to like olbz, noticed that more and more peoples are on Jeremy's side ,rather than on his, [ olbz's] lying court case.. One day, ol bz..the truth will come out...and Jeremy will get his just due, for Jeremy is NO DRUGGIE.

    I hope to be sending something to Sam and Jo Ard real soon. Say what you want about Kyle Busch....he helped Sam and Jo...and I respect him for that.

  2. Thanks Rita. I can't take complete credit for it as one of my military veteran buddies had a long chat one day with Greg Biffle about it but I'm glad it's catching on. Finally.

    Hopefully after September we'll know if the truth is going to come out when Jeremy's case goes before the Appeals Judge. There was a lot of evidence and testimony that has yet to be presented and the only way it'll happen is when the Appeals Judge rules in Jeremy's favor. Having read the appeals brief, I do believe Jeremy's lawyers have definitely found sufficient evidence and rulings to have the case put back into the normal court system. Having read through the court documents from Jeremy's earlier efforts and having caught NASCAR in at least one lie regarding Jeremy's testing, seen the evidence of the independent testing, and having had the opportunity to talk one on one with Jeremy, I have no doubt that he is not a drug user despite what has been said by NASCAR, their controlled media, and others.

    As to BZF, the only way folks will like him is if he resigns. Naturally, I'd like to see him undergo the same drug and alcohol testing as the drivers and crewmembers as specified in NASCAR's own rules which as his position as a NASCAR official he's required to do.

    While Busch does have his downside, he has done more for the Ards than NASCAR has so for that I give him kudos. Any thing you send to the Ards Rita will be greatly appreciated.

  3. Hey Mikie,

    Not to be too picky, but I think the boys in the booth said Kenseth had a 13 second lead three laps before Ms. Terry DeBris made her appearance. And as soon as they announced the 13 second lead, I figured TV sets tuned into the race were being switched off everywhere, so it was time to bunch 'em up. Imagine my surprise when a debris caution was thrown. I was shocked...shocked I tell ya.

  4. Hey Mikie, Thanks for keeping these things alive and trying to keep em honest out there. And some of us would love to have more on the Robby Gordon scenario that apparently played out at TX. Too bad he can't get any respect from those at CA$HCAR. I have always liked him and his independence; it is fitting that his #7 was once run by the late Alan Kulwicki. Two independents I admire. As to Talladega, if the rains stay away - lets get ready for 'Choose your partner and swing her round'. These last plate races have been awfully lame by this old codger's standards. And to think radio traffic across teams - to help one another! What a farce. I used to think that the CA$HCAR officials could not take this thing any lower - but how wrong I have been. I was really hoping to see the ARCA race tonite but weather had other ideas. All the best to you and your fans.