Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ramo Stott Memorabilia Stolen, Sam Ard Auctions, Drug Testing & More

Ramo Stott Memorabilia Stolen
From: Corrie Stott Racing
Reward for the arrest and conviction for the slime bags that broke into my parents property in Iowa. Lots of "Ramo Stott" memorabilia was stolen...If anyone has information please drop me a message.... just want to keep the heat up on this !!!!
I will keep posting this until the scum comes to the surface !

To the younger race fans, Ramo Stott probably doesn’t ring any bells but to the older fans, Ramo is probably better known because of his racing in USAC, ARCA, IMCA, & NASCAR before it became NA$CAR. Ramo also sat on the pole of the 1976 Daytona 500. If that race doesn’t sound familiar, then you haven’t been following the sport very long. Check out the links to find out a little more about the Ramo Stott and the 1976 Daytona 500.
Should you have any information regarding the stolen Ramo Stott memorabilia, you can contact Corrie Stott through his Facebook account, his web site, or yours truly. 
More Sam Ard Memorabilia Being Sold

There are 3 more items on E-Bay that Sam is auctioning off in order to help pay his medical bills and there will eventually be a total of 7 trophies that will be auctioned off to help keep a roof over his and his wife’s head. NA$CAR is aware of Sam’s situation as both the NA$CAR VP of Racing Operations and the Minister of Propaganda have both received tweets about Sam’s situation in the form of a link to Dave Moody’s article about Sam. So they can’t deny they are ignorant that Sam needs help. They may be ignorant of many other things but not that Sam and his wife Jo are in desperate need of help.

Drug Testing and NA$CAR
Graham Light, NHRA VP of Racing Operations, that stated everyone is on the list to be tested, and he's been checked several times each year himself. NA$CAR’s rules state that all officials are subject to testing and those officials include Faux King Brian, Mafia Mike, and others and yet there appears to be no testing of them despite their own rules calling for it. And yes, they are aware of it. It was brought to their attention on twitter. So how hard can it be? If the NHRA can do it, why can’t NA$CAR and their officials?
Racing at Talladega
I think this pretty much sums it up:
Have You Figured It Out Yet?
Every week, the driver of the #24 car is selected as the pizza fan favorite. That same driver is sponsored by a major cola company that owns that same pizza company. Is it a coincidence that he “wins” that honor week after week?
BZF Lawsuit Over Taped Phone Conversations Flawed
It’s my understanding that under NC law that as long as one part, in this case the ex-Mrs. BZF, is aware that the conversations are being recorded they’re legal. So Faux King Brian has no grounds on that one. As to extortion, I’m not sure whether or not that is true however, based on the Imperial Ego and its past history, I have no doubt he has probably made some admissions to things he shouldn’t have. He could’ve admitted to not paying child support and alimony, his dalliances during his marriage to the former Mrs. France, his illegal campaign contributions made in other peoples’ names, possible legal favors done for him in the Florida courts in return for certain considerations, some much speculated upon drug use, or other things which could cause him either extreme embarrassment, discomfort, or maybe even result in some jail time if publicly revealed. It could also be a sympathy ploy on his part to gain the support of divorced men who feel their ex-wives took them to the cleaners. Or, he plain and simply doesn’t want those tapes admitted and is trying any desperate measure and accusation he can to keep them out of the lawsuit proceedings he has currently going on with his former wife.
Sam With Two of His Trophies


  1. Am I the only one that noticed JJ going below the yellow line on the final lap to pass Martin/Gordon? Technically he passed Martin below the yellow line and didn't give back the spot. Where's the black flag? I guess that wasn't in the script.

  2. Hey Mikie-

    You are way wrong about the comparison to the chain race at Bowman Gray. Bowman Gray had less wrecks, less caution laps, and better racing than Talladega. Shame on you for trying to bring a fine race like the chain race down a peg by comparing it to Na$car.

    But seriously, how about my boy Dave Blaney? Led 6 times for 21 laps and I was more excited with 5 laps to go than I have been about a Na$car race than I have been for more years than I can remember. Then became a victim of the crap called racing the Na$car has invented for the superspeedways and spun out by the "pusher". Na$car should be ashamed of what speedway racing has become. Drivers, fans, owners, are all disgusted by it. What can be done? I'd say just don't go to the race and Na$car will get the message, but by the looks of the stands Na$car can't read that message. The sections of grandstand that were not covered with "official crap of..." banners, were very thin, you could see whole swaths of empty seats and no section was full.

    Dave in Ohio

  3. The racing media continues to play up the "huge slump" that Jimmy Vanilly is in this year, as the team "struggles" unlike past years. Darn that 48 team, malingering in 2nd place in the points with only one win to their name. They better shape up fast! Do these idiots in the media watch the same races we do? We must be missing something when the dvr is on fast forward.

  4. Hey can you tell me Mike why there was not a good shot of the finish line. Why was there not a shot of straight across the line. Could it be Fox wanted JJ to win because Lowe's buys tv ads and BB&T doesn't. I mean I have yet to see a good shot of the finish. Where is it? Same old NA$CRAP

  5. Mike,
    Thanks for keeping Sam in our Hearts and Minds.
    It is a shame that this Legend of NASCAR has to suffer the indiginty of being left behind.

  6. Fox has their own agenda hence the reason why they didn't show a good finish line shot. Think about how much cheerleading DW does for JJ and how many commercials Lowe's runs versus BB&T and Clint Bowyer. Bowyer doesn't put any money into Fox's bank account.Plain and simple. It's all about the Benjamins Anon 10:11.

    Hot Rod, I don't think the media is watching the same races we are. Of course, after drinking the Kool Aid and the mandatory lobotomy, it might affect their vision. Sorry for the comparison to the chain races at Bowman Gray Hot Rod. I shouldn't have compared real racing at Bowman gray to the WWE on Wheels at Talladega. really, the only way for fans to get NA$CAR's attention is to not watch the races, go to their local tracks, boycott the sponsors, and write the team owners and leth them know why you're not going to the track, not watching on TV, and not buying their sponsors' products.

    JayR, I've had to rewatch the finish a couple of timesand will have to watch it again for a definite opinion but it's looking like JJ did violate the yelow line rule. Remember Stewart forcing Ragan below the yellow line and the race was given to Stewart?

    Anon 7:36, the legends have a special place with me so I do what I can to help out Sam. I just found out that donations made to Sam through MRO are tax deductible so maybe some folks will step up and donate that way.

  7. Slime bags is right to call those who stole Ramo's personal stuff! I hope they can track them down and recover the items. True race fans in Iowa are pround of his legacy.
    And it is a shame how some of the great drivers are suffering today and could use some assistance. After all they are the ones who laid the foundation of NASCAR and did not make a fortune for the love of racing.