Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Courage, Bristol, Conspiracies, Deleted Comments, Logano, Dinger, & Other Stuff


That had to be the best Bristol race since the introduction of the much cursed Car of Turmoil. Folks actually had to use their skills to navigate around slower traffic and to pass their competitors. None of this “Waah I need a whole race track to be able to pass” stuff. You were able to tell who the racers were and who the drivers were. The racers moved forwards on the track while the drivers depended on attrition and pit stops to move forward. Sure there were some wrecks. Some from blown tires, others from a driver’s lack of skills in close quarters racing, and some from Murphy’s Law. But because the racing was better, you can expect to see the grandstands to be not quite as empty as they have been over the last several years. It was a far cry form the first Car of Turmoil race at Bristol when fans were actually falling asleep in their seats.

Now if NA$CAR would just go back to something that actually resembled a stock car or improved the handling of the current generic race vehicle, they might get some more exciting racing which means more butts in the seats.

You Gotta Laugh

The Queen of Hype’s fans are nearly as demented as the fans of another highly hyped driver. You talk about conspiracy theories? Some have said that Sorenson intentionally “brake checked” her which is why she ran into the rear of him causing her to wreck at Indy during the Busch Series race. When the BSPN analysts have nothing to say other than she was at fault, you know she was at fault. And after 10+ years of racing experience, she could’ve easily have missed Sorenson when his car slid back across the track. All she had to do was slow down. It might have cost her a few positions but she wouldn’t have wrecked her car. I’ve seen genuine rookies miss the same sort of wrecks by simply hitting the brakes. If I can miss a 26 car wreck on an icy, foggy autobahn in Germany simply by slowing down and using my brakes, she could surely miss a car on an closed circuit with sunny warm weather.


The infamous shoe “bombing” incident in Montreal is being said to be a concerted effort to keep her from winning. It sounds like Hillary Clinton’s “vast right wing conspiracy” statement. Apparently track security caught the person who did it and tossed them from the track. The fact that her spotter was telling her to be careful and to watch for debris on the track and she hit the shoe anyways makes me wonder if she has a hearing problem or maybe has trouble processing verbal orders or comments. Eury Jr had told her several times to take care of the transmission but that didn’t seem to work too well either. The fact that the track bar came loose tells me it either wasn’t tightened down properly or that she hit the “curbs” either too hard or hit them one too many times.

The shoe incident made for some great commentary during the IndyCar race at Sonoma. The commentators said they needed a caution and that Robin Miller was spotted wearing only one sneaker in the pits and wondered when he’d throw his sneaker out on the track to cause a caution. It was an obvious dig at the Queen of Hype and her inability to miss the sneaker that was on the track at Montreal.

Perfect Record

So far, the Queen of Hype has a perfect record in the Cup Series races she’s run in this season. She’s manage to wreck in every one so far. Not exactly the kind of perfect record you want to have.

Tony Stewart to Compete in 2016 Olympics

With the addition of a new event for the 2016 Olympics and a fine exhibition of his skills at Bristol, Tony Stewart has secured a position and will be team captain for Team USA in Rio De Janeiro in the Helmet Toss Competition.

Focks Snorts Deleting Comments

It seems that the wonderful folks monitoring the Focks Snorts web site doesn’t like comments that don’t praise NA$CAR. Here’s a comment that was deleted regarding the recent penalties:

Sure enough it is typical NASCAR fairness through and through. One team gets their hand slapped and another belted and whipped.

I'm sure it has nothing at all to do with car maker, sponsors and who makes the chase. Nope, nada, none.

Is it a Coincidence that ever since a Childress put a Black #3 back on the track he has been getting nothing but fined? Humm Must be me.

The frame rails pass pre-race inspection but then NASCAR decides to post-race inspect a 10th place car and amazingly finds a needle in a haystack. I proud of you NASCAR and your Due Diligence. Keep it up!

The frame rails are inspected and certified at the super secret R&D facility when the Car of Turmoil (COT) is submitted for the $22,500 certification process. So how could the frame rail be sanctified and blessed at the R&D facility and then fail a post-race inspection? That says a lot about the certification process and it’s reliability and questions the integrity of both the COT’s that have been certified and of NA$CAR and the folks doing the certification.

But leave it to Focks Sports to delete a comment which questions NA$CAR’s integrity and criticizes them.

NA$CAR Integrity

I know, they have none. You look at the penalties for Paul Menard’s team and that of Shrubbery. Menard’s team get’s fined, suspensions, and docked points. Shrubbery didn’t have any points docked. Why not? All they got was a fine and probation for the crew chief. Menard on the other hand lost his crew & car chiefs until October 3rd, his crew chief was fined, and the team got docked 25 driver & owner points for a frame rail which didn’t meet specs.

The frame rails have to be certified along with the rest of the Kit Car at the super secret R&D center. So if the frame rails were certified by NA$CAR and were later found not to meet spec, what does that say about the certification process and NA$CAR? You have to wonder if NA$CAR intentionally lets cars that won’t make spec through just so they can nail them later to put money into the NA$CAR Foundation in which NA$CAR only pays out 30% to charity.

Dinger Still in Talks

During the broadcast of the IndyCar race at Sonoma, one of the announcers stated that AJ Foyt was still in talks with Dinger about driving for him next season. I know Dinger’s heart was set on returning to NA$CAR next season but as I’ve mentioned before he’ll be treated like damaged goods. So it would be a much better career move to go to IndyCar next season and maybe return to NA$CAR at some point down the road.

Logano to Penske

By now it’s been announced that Joey the Giraffe is going to Penske. I’m not sure what car he’ll be driving. More than likely it’ll be a 3rd team car. Why is that? Because Pennzoil has a clause in their contract which states that a champion will drive the car with their sponsorship. The only top tier champion on the Penske team is Sam Hornish Jr. with 3 IRL/IndyCar championships. Logano won the Camping World Series East Championship in 2007. Not quite the same thing or same level as Sam’s championships.

The interesting thing about that is Sam had Pennzoil on his IRL car when he was a champion in the IRL. So there’s already a relationship established between Sam and Pennzoil. Who will Joey’s sponsor be? That remains to be seen.

Using Illegal Parts

Bad Brad said that The Felon’s teams were using illegal parts on the rear end of the car which allow the rear end to “turn”. If true, you have to ask yourself why didn’t NA$CAR’s crack team of officials catch it? When you’ve got Mr Magoo as your head official and the team owner is BFF’s with Faux King Brian, it’s easy for illegal parts to be missed during inspection.

Smoke Retracts Threats

Smoke retracted remarks he made after the race at Bristol about taking out Matt Kenseth every chance he (Smoke) got. Now why would he do that? When you announce to the world ahead of time that your going to take out another driver during a race, that’s considered to be pre-meditated and NA$CAR frowns on that. That’s a big Bozo No-No. Even if an incident occurred that wasn’t intentional, NA$CAR would take immediate action such as parking the driver, like they did with Mr Happy a while back, or bringing them into the pits and make them sit there for a number of laps. So will Smoke actual wreck Kenseth? Definitely. But he’ll probably use Iron Head’s rule. Wait about 4-5 races then take him out.


If you want to find out what courage really is, you need to read about Danny Pollock, who races sprint cars.


  1. Your post is the best! Someone has to point out what is wrong with the sport I grew up loving.

  2. I usually like your articles, but you are missing some points in the Menard/Busch penalties. I am in no way a menard or RCR fan, but the fines were for altering the frame rails, after certification. Also the 18 fine was for not properly attaching the weight, which fell off and put a hole through the fender. I have never seen crew cheif fined for a part falling off before?!?!?

  3. Bell Helmet stocks are going through the roof this past week. Little kids across the nation are emulating Tony Stewart by punching out promoters, stuffing kids named Matt into the wall and inciting riots with helmet throwing frenzies. Little girl drivers have had wagging fingers fractured and broken in attempts to imitate their wealthy idol Danica. No more sportsmanship awards at future banquets, the face of racing has changed. Kids, Have At IT! Thanks Brian.

  4. Speaking of censorship by Faux (technically he was on TNT at the time), 2 months ago I was searching twitter for updates on Robby during his last race at Sonoma, and a fan was asking why wasn't TNT giving any updates on him as he had pitted early for strategy reasons, and the arrogant Larry Macreynolds gave this answer:

    (copied from twitter the link is this

    LarryMac28: @a_pear_tree Trust me, when you pit on Lap 12 at Sonoma, it's not a story! He's 34th Get a life please, will you!

    Very fan friendly huh? This just reaffirms my opinion of this guy. Great article as always and thanks for giving us true fans a chance to heard. Have a great and safe Labor Day weekend.

    1. Yeah, let Larry drive it instead! Now that will be fun to watch - talk about get a life. Sorry I don't hear any things about Robby and the 7 anymore. That is Alan Kulwicki's old # and there is no more fitting current driver in the series to carry that storied pedigree than RG. The Underbird and his team were so much fun to watch. Just like RG. Bring back to good old days. Yes I'm over 50 and proud of it. Terry

  5. In light of Motormouth Motor sports running 100 time better this year, the Nascar owned R&D center finally got all the latest information gathered there passed on to them of course.

    Nascar wants ALL of the Nascar official sponsored cars up to date with the hard work and innovations learned from the other teams.

  6. Hey Mikie, good to see you. I also liked the latter segment of the last Bristol race I saw. But I still harken to the days when the outside line was the power move. Anyway, better than it was earlier with the snooze fest. Sounds like it was only a small portion of the entire track that was ground, not the entire upper section. At least I got that from another person that was there. And I love the Perfect Record stat above. Stands for itself. And wasn't there an f-bomb on the radio from you know who either at Montreal or Bristol? No fines there eh? As to the 14 and 17 at Bristol sure looked like the 14 did a Mr. Happy move when he was on the top that resulted in, well we know what. Take care. Terry