Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Kentucky Opinions

I asked fans what they thought of the race at Kentucky and here are their opinions:
Race Mama had this to say:
ok this is to you 2 from me a race fan....

I think what is funny is the horrible traffic issue seems to have made many (not all) forget about commenting on the absolute HORRIBLE excuse of a race....

that track SUCKS too flat for stock cars.....
I am glad Jimmy didn't talk me into going there.

Instead of a gazillion articles about traffic there should have been a gazillion about the lack of racing!

K just my .02 worth

Mary, Chip’s mom, wrote this:
It was another stinkeroo aero/clean-air race that was determined by set-ups. Most of the driving skill is taken out of this kind of race except for them trying to dodge each other during the restarts. The 1.5 mile tracks are good for one thing. You can get other stuff done around the house because if you walk away from the television you won't miss much.
Unkle Phil said:
I was glad to see Kyle win; there is no doubt that Kyle has it in his ass, or he can feel what the car needs, unlike Jr. Joey Logano was a snoozer.
Richard H. replied:
Actually it wasn't awful. The bumps made it impossible for the drivers to just cruise around. The usual drivers, Kyle, Jeff, Jimmy, Carl, went to the front. Good race by Root too.
This is from Pat G.:
A snoozer....really, I fell asleep with 30 to go.....I read who one the next day

Curmudgeon-in-Chief Bill sent this:
What race? I gave up on moto-wrasslin' when they began to manipulate the outcomes.
I suspect that a good close inspection of schrubs car by one of the other teams would reveal far more than any numbcar inspection ever will. Just my thoughts.
Tom B. replied:
You know to be honest, my interest has waned so much, never even thought of watching.
Bill the Mechanic wrote:
Another cookie cutter snoozer?
Truth is I didn't watch much of it. Saw a bit at lap 20, till the competition caution break, went to dinner, then watched some at the middle. Towards the end I kept going back & forth between the race and the drags. When it looked like Kryle was going to win I didn't go back.
One thing I did notice though. Finally, they weren't ashamed to show a wide shot of the (full) grandstands for the first time this year.
With all the reported traffic woes, I'll bet they don't get anywhere near a capacity crowd from now on.
Oh, and Bruton should be ashamed of himself, expecting the state to upgrade the roads for his benefit. He created the problem, let him pay to fix it!
Isn't Kentucky having money problems like most every other state?
Geoff has this to say:
Typical mile and a half snoozer, track position, clean air, two green flag pit stops, and the leader has a 7-9 second lead and the old debris caution, BIG SHOCKER.
Drivers take your wave around.
A couple laps of green, oops, a car wiggled in the corner, might be some oil, better check the track for "safety sake".
Drivers take your wave around.
Whoever invented that new clear and dustless oil dry, is a genius.
If you add 30-40 thousand extra seats to a place, you would think the State and Local Dept for building and zoning would verify that you have parking for the extra seats before they OK it.
Not adding volunteer people or staff to check coolers, is a cheap lame ass excuse. But they "LOVE" the fans.
I also think all the Official Statements left out a line at the end of them.
Ya'll come back now, Ya hear.
Richard, one of our Canadian race fans, sent this:
watched it on & off. If your man is leading, the race has to be good, so that would make me rather bias.
I loved the Fri race when Brad K 'toyed' with Harvick. Of course Brad won & Kevin was notably pissed.
Fast fwd to Sat. Brad led for a lot of laps but just couldn't get going during the restarts over the last few laps. Would have been real interesting if he could have been side by side with Kyle at the end. Interesting that they all complained about the rough track, but if one got in the lead, he was hard to catch. So, you had periods that one car was pulling away which some would conclude was not good racing. My view....overall, not a bad race.
Sounds like there was a real problem with traffic. Seems like 20,000 ticket holders never got to the track. Problem with roadways and a severe lack of parking space. Both the track & NA$CAR are all over the media apologizing and promising better for next year. They need to give all those who couldn't get to the track tix for the next cup race.
Glenn had this to say:
One thing I found interesting…..and Kyle Petty made mention of it.
When Kyle Busch would pit……..his crew chief would say go, go , go…….all the way to the 42.
It seemed that the Gibbs cars new exactly where the “speed traps” were on pit road.
I would think that would provide a heck of an advantage if “everyone” wasn’t privy to the same information…….wouldn’t you?
Jules the Engine Guy added this:
Obviously there were fans that cared and were treated very badly.
The track staff knowing full well that there were people either walking or waiting in the hot sun for several hours did the Humanitarian thing by tripling the cost of the already over priced bottle of water to $10.
I don't following horse racing or visit the dog track because I feel its cruel so why would continue to follow NASCAR?
Chris, a student at UNCC added this:
If Bruton and Marcus had taken a page from a successful track opening instead of their own history or that of the later owners of the previously successful tracks, they'd have put as much into KY Speedway as Curtis Turner put into Charlotte Motor Speedway or Roger Penske did into California Speedway. Instead of expecting taxpayers to pay in order to play; Roger negotiated to secure public transportation (light rail) to come to the track even before the first event. When one aspect of the first year event went wrong, Roger paid to fix the problem. Then again, the Captain actually was on site to supervise the event he put together. Is it any wonder Bruton and Marcus are making such unprofessional faux-pas when they don't follow common supervision practices? Is there a track left in the SMI portfolio that hasn't had some tainted action take place since Marcus became COO of SMI?
This is from a person I’ll call Anonymous to protect his identity:
Good article, Mikie! One thing, though… as one of those state employees, I can tell you that IMO (as well as many of my coworkers) those unpaid furloughs were the Governor’s retaliation for not getting his “expanded gambling” bill passed through the legislature. Funny how his ‘shortfalls’ turned into a big budget surplus, and that no additional furloughs are being called for this year (which just happens to be an election year).
Dave From Texas Had This to Say:
I read the articles in the Kentucky and Cincinnati newspapers - what a mess!!
If I am reading them correctly, no food, drinks or coolers allowed in the speedway? The gates didn't open until 2:00 pm? Water was $4.00 a bottle? That alone would make lots of people never show up again.
Lots of comments were posted to the effect of this is what happened when the Busch race sold out many years ago - big traffic mess. So they already knew what was going to happen. People were saying that no one bothered to scan at least half of the tickets - they just waved people in without checking *anything*!! So no wonder the GM says he doesn't know how many people didn't get in! He also said, in a round about way, that there will be no refunds. Since they have no way to prove if you went in (or what time) that's going to be a big mess to sort out too.
And virtually no porta-potties outside? And no trash cans? Guess they wanted to cut costs as much as they could - just like TMS is doing now.
Also, I wonder how they all got *out*? Must have been an even bigger mess!
Question for you: Any chance the reason they didn't scan most of the tickets is because the place was over sold? They sold more tickets than the place would hold so the stands would be full no matter what? Just a thought.


  1. Awww... just saw the photo of Scout. He looks like he was getting ready to say something important.

    Mary & Chip

  2. Thanks Mary & Chip. Scout ruled the roost. I think he was getting ready to have words with his younger sister in that photo about maintaining a certain sense of dignity and decorum like he did.

  3. Must add a poll to this article though...let's see who can come up with how many start & parks there were at KY Speedway...

  4. Great articles as always, Bruton took away an Atlanta date for this debacle? I saw Jayski a little while ago he's blaming everyone from the state to the company he hired to park cars, first he messes with Speed Energy and Universal (the Fast Five show cars at Texas) and now this. Wonder what he'll screw up next. Also low class of him to not give these hard working fans their money back, very classless, How soon do you think there will be a lawsuit against $MI?
    Robby was smart for skipping this race and going to the Bullrun instead which I've had a blast following. (As I write this he made it to Miami a-okay, been a great week for him!)

    Speaking of Robby I watched Scott Wimmer's qualifying run at Loudon (It's on the front page of the Planet Robby website), as the other two clowns in the booth were talking about the bullrun the washed up loudmouth Jabber Jaws brought up for no reason the helmet incident that was 6 years ago, get over it and quit schilling for your brother, the two of them buried the hatchet a long time ago. Quit bringing up stuff that happened over a half decade ago, Jabber Jaws has integrity of a WWE annoucer, like you said on Laidback use that rocking chair so he can tell all of his stories to his squirrels in his yard.

    Also I have a final question, what happened to Bill Elliott? The last I saw of him he started the race for Dusty Whtiney (46 car) at Talladega, I haven't heard that much from him since he left Phoenix Racing, I wanted to know if we'll see him again before the year's out.

    On a personal note about Scout I had a 15 year old tabby cat who passed away in 2007 so seeing Scout's face reminded me of him with happy memories, maybe they're in Heaven playing together. Rest in peace to our beloved cats.

    Also this past week I wanted to acknowledge the 18th anniversary of Davey Allison's death, May you rest forever in peace Davey.

    Thanks again, for all your hard work and I look forward to all your new articles, Thank You and God Bless, Steve

  5. Thanks Steve. I'm not sure what's going on with Bill Elliott. At the beginning of the season both he and Landon Cassill were going to be driving for Phoenix and then without any sort of announcement they dropped Bill. I'll have to see if anyone knows what's going on with him.

    Jabbers Jaws and the rest of the Commentating Clowns need to find something more relavent to talk about. The helmet toss incident is dead and buried. It was turned into a decent PR piece for a charity, which I'm sure wasn't mentioned. We may get lucky next season and not hear much shilling for his brother as he'll be running in the Grand Am Series. And with the Grand Am Series schedule (Thurs-Sat), we may get lucky and have less of Motormouth in the booth and on some shows.

    Our pets are like our kids. They give affection and companionship without asking. Scout was lucky enough to have trained his replacement, an orange tabby, who is now teaching a kitten we rescued. Maybe it's because I am around them a lot that I notice these things.

    Had Davey not died, Dale Sr would never have won 7 championships and Davey would've won at least one or two himself.

    Remember the excuse about they were moving race dates because of the saturation of races in the south? That's the current excuse being offered up for the poor attendance at Indy and other nearby tracks. Gee, guess they need to move some race dates back to the south then.

    Thanks for all the kind words Steve. Take care and God bless the troops.