Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Many Thanks, Buyer Beware, Morgan Shepherd: Crime Fighter, North Wilkesboro Testing, and More

Many Thanks
I want to thank Vince Meiste for lending a helping hand to Sam Ard. Vince is a long time race fan who got to see Sam race back in the good old days against the Hensley brothers, Rick Mast, and others in the Late Model Sportsman Series before it became the Busch Series. Even though Vince has a limited income, he was able to get the winning bid on one of Sam’s race winning plaques. So the plaque found itself a good home with a real race fan and has become the centerpiece of Vince’s racing memorabilia. So again, many thanks Vince for stepping up and doing what the France family won’t do.
The Past Comes Back to Bite You in the Backside
With all the recent stories about DW and Fox broadcasts, here is a story that was relayed to me.
Back in the days, when DW was racing trucks, the Craftsman Series was running the road course at Heartland Park Topeka. DW was racing his # 17 truck. During the normal workers meeting, when corner worker assignments were made along other event discussions, series officials make appearances. Well, I was told that DW made an appearance at one meeting. He asked how many of the workers were race fans. Naturally, every worker raised their hands. They were then shocked as DW scolded them, saying that it was unprofessional of workers, serving as officials, to be fans.
Funny how those words should now come back to haunt him, seeing how one of the biggest complaints about DW is his claim to be a fan, even though he is supposed to be a professional announcer, representing the sport. His home calls are a perfect example, which are a far cry from the Ned Jarrett call.
I believe it was on an ESPN NASCAR show, when Ned’s call was discussed. Ned stated he went over to Dale Sr. at the next race to apologize for his Daytona call when DJ beat Sr. But, Dale Sr. pointed his finger at Ned and said no apology needed, because he (Sr.) was a father too.
Ned was a professional, DW is not!
Buyer Beware!
This is from the AP regarding a racing school which was recently black flagged for not living up to their contract:
The Johnson County district attorney's office filed an action last week under the Kansas Consumer Protection Act against The Racing Experience Inc. and its founder, Kelly Bussey of Shawnee.
The Kansas City Star reports the district attorney is alleging numerous customers have been unable to use racing packages that allow them to attend a racing school and drive a racecar on a speedway track.
Customers also have been unable to get refunds.
The DA's office is seeking an order requiring the company and Bussey to pay full restitution to consumers and $10,000 in civil fines and penalties for each violation of the act.

 This sounds somewhat like the scam that Charles Collins tried pulling at North Wilkesboro before the current management team took over only his involved a reality TV racing show.
Morgan the Crime Fighter
Folks nowadays may not have a lot of respect or interest in Morgan Shepherd. Back in the day, Morgan was pretty good at chasing down other drivers on the track. He seems to have taken chasing down drivers on the track in days of old to chasing down thieves today. It seems Morgan was in the parking lot of a Wally World near LVMS when he spotted police officers giving chase to several individuals and Morgan decided to join in the pursuit chasing down one of the thieves and pinning him to the ground. Imagine the embrassment the 18 year old thief must've had by being chased down and caught by someone old enough to be his grandpa. He'll never live that one down.
All Quiet on the Spoiler Front
Anyone happen to notice that the lamestream media has been awfully quiet about the fold-away spoiler on Motormouth’s truck at Daytona? We heard more about Carl Long’s oversized engine than we have about this illegal spoiler. We heard more about the “jet fuel” incident at Daytona several years ago than we have about the illegal spoiler. Was a directive sent out from Daytona to the lamestream media that I didn’t hear about telling them to be quiet about it?
Liars Figure and Figures Lie
I don’t know how closely folks have been paying attention to the ratings but take a good look at the most recent ones from Phoenix and Daytona. The ratings were up among the 18-49 age demographic. No figures are being released about the under 18 or over 49. The over 49 crowd, which is where most of the Boomers and most of the older fans who have been following racing since the good old days are and who tend to have most of the money, seem to be excluded for some reason. Could it be that those ratings are so bad that it could embarrass Faux King Brian and his controlled media? Anyone who knows anything about statistics knows you can prove or disprove any argument using them. For example, the same stats which could be used to prove that The King is the best driver NA$CAR ever had can also be used to prove he wasn’t the best. If you look at winning percentages, The Silver Fox has a better winning percentage than does The King. That’s why I tend to stay away from statistics and PR hype.
Question of the Day
Bob asked me an interesting question Kenny “You‘re not a real race fan“ Wallace. He asks, “When did Kenney ever open his mouth that his IQ didn't show?” Good question Bob.
The last time I had a chance to talk with some drivers, I asked them what they thought about Kenny and his alleged sense of humor. None of them thought he was really funny. He’s tolerated more than he’s actually liked. Sounds like the drivers are more forgiving than the fans are.
Excuses Anyone?
This is one of the things coming out of the Focks Booth Buffoons that are causing fans to tune out. Jules the Engine Guy said this:
Yesterday (Sunday) Cryal shot to an early lead and Edwards ate him up and spit him out. I liked that a lot. When Cryal took him out I was upset. Then when DW made every excuse under the sun for Cryal.... well I just flat turned it off. I mean I'd rather have him say "he didn't know" rather than try and make excuses.
When I turned it on it was right after pit stops. They said Cryal made up time coming in and out of the pits (this happens all the time, has no one else gotten suspicious of this?). Then the caution came out and DW mentioned Cryal was in the lead but actually Stewart was. No correction was made.
Its also worth pointing out that the drivers have to be more accurate and politically correct when on camera than ole DW does. That is backwards.
I’ve mentioned several times over the last few years about the excuses that are generated by Jabber Jaws for the Chosen Ones, his brother, and anyone driving one particular make of car.
Nocturnal Omissions
It seems that congresswoman going on about the Army sponsoring a Cup car seems to have overlooked the sponsorship of an NHRA dragster and one of the IndyCar teams being sponsored by the National Guard. Anyone want to place bets that if Bruton or the Frances had a track in Minnesota that she’d be complaining?
Before the season started, there was an article about Jeffy and Jr being dumped by Hendrick if they didn’t vastly improve this season. It quickly got buried and few if any of the controlled media has said anything about it. Is Jeffy’s win at Phoenix enough to keep him in the Hendrick stables or will he get the boot and the end of the year? I guess we’ll have to stay tuned.
Another thing being curiously omitted by the NA$CAR controlled media is about the $40+ million in tax breaks that the France family and I$C got for improvements to their facilities, as upgrades to entertainment/amusement parks. Is it really racing or is it as the VP of Racing Operations said, “family oriented sports entertainment”?
Testing at North Wilkesboro
It seems that some teams are doing closed testing at North Wilkesboro Speedway. There will be some test sessions coming up this month for the PASS Series which will be open to the public.

HOF Induction Date Changed
Obviously somebody hasn’t really checked out the weather history for Charlotte during the month of January. Do they really think that after Christmas, folks are going to have the money to attend the induction ceremony? Plus add in the factor of winter weather. Not just in Charlotte but around the nation. How many fans are going to be able to get out of the Midwest and Northeast to be able to attend? Not many if this past January is any indication. I know the weather guesser isn’t always right but past history of weather patterns tend to be a good indicator of what to expect. Does Faux King Brian think he can wave his magic wand, which looks remarkably like a toilet plunger, and make the winter weather stay away and make fans show up? Just say the mantra, “I know what’s best for the sport” and the HOF will be packed. Yeah and I’ve got a bridge in NYC I’ll sell you too.


  1. "Liars Figure and Figures Lie". Daytona was a great example. There were many passes made for the lead. Unfortunately, none of those passes mattered. The exciting "lead changes" were nothing more than a tandem car freak show. I'm sure Joie Chitwood was proud of the racertainment.

  2. Really advertisers don't care as much about those of us over 40 because our demographic isn't as responsive to advertising.
    I'm not going switch from Bud to Coors no matter how many commercials I see.
    So we might be the demographic with the money but we aren't switching much and we're not buying stuff we don't need because we see it advertised.

  3. Excellent point Shayne. Being from the famous Chitwood family with their auto thrill shows I bet he was thrilled to death. Too bad the rest of us weren't.

    Good point about the advertisers Bill. Us over 40 folks are pretty much set in our ways, know what we want, and right now are trying to hold onto every penny we've got. After Coors dumped Sterling Marlin because "he was too old", I pretty much wrote Coors off my list when it comes to beer. A lot of other race fans did too.