Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Curtis Turner for 2016 HOF

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daytona Win, Sam Ard Selling Memories, Fox Commentators, and Miscellaneous Stuff

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world outside of NA$CAR and it’s tough trying to keep up with all of it as I’m having to share my computer for the next few weeks so I may miss out on some stuff.
7 Decades of Winning
With the win by Trevor Bayne, the Wood Brothers have managed to get a win in each of the decades since their founding. That’s not an easy task for a one car team that’s running a part time schedule. It’s the typical American underdog/Cinderella story that folks like to see and hear about.
Unexpected Side Effects of Bayne’s Win
There may be an unexpected side effect to this that Faux King Brian didn’t count on and it may have an impact on some of the marketing. Because of Trevor’s Christian upbringing, he’s picked up a lot of followers who may not be too fond of some of the marketing/branding techniques and advertising (can you say Danica’s sponsor?) that is shown on race weekend programming. Sooo, who will Faux King Brian offend? A sponsor who uses cheap advertising to try to lure in pimple-faced 14 year olds boys hoping for a peek at some uncovered female bodies or a group who has some very powerful and influential pull on politicians and businesses? Tough choice there Bri-Bri. But we know you. You’ll go with the guaranteed money you get from the sponsor and not worry about offending the Christian fans who could really fill those half empty coffers you’ve got right now.
Sam Ard Selling Off More Precious Memories to Pay Bills

Sam's nurse steadying Sam's hand as he autographs some die-casts

Sam is having to sell off some plaques he got as being the winner of the Sportsman Series, autographed die-cast, and autographed pictures in order to pay his medical bills. While it seems that only the fans are stepping up to help Sam and his wife out, several promises made to me by some TV folks to mention on air Sam’s condition and his need for help were never delivered on during the Daytona broadcasts. I know they’ve got a job to do but how hard is it to take 30 seconds to mention that Sam needs help? As much as these announcers and commentators plug and shill for various products, teams, drivers, and one make of car, you’d think at least one of them could forego one shill or plug to mention Sam.
The Return to Wal-mart
I don’t know how many folks remember the first time NA$CAR tried marketing stuff through Wally World but it didn’t work out too well for them. The line of NA$CAR Mystery Meats didn’t sell too well, all of the products that had the official NA$CAR logo on them didn’t sell that well, and Faux King Brian is hoping and praying that all the old fans like me have left the building like Elvis so that the previous Wal-Mart debacle isn’t revealed. Oops! Too late. I let the cat out of the bag. Will NA$CAR be selling products made in America through the largest seller of Chinese made products in America or will they sell only Chinese made products just like their “host”? Quite the quandry for a company that bills itself as being an American sport.
Fox Commentators & Their Affect on Radio Ratings
Because of the way Jabber Jaws, his parrot, and the other Booth Buffoons like to ramble on and talk over each other, they’ve caused more and more race fans to hit the mute buttons on their TV’s and listen to MRN or PRN, depending on which one is carrying the race. This in turn is causing a rise in their ratings. Some fans have even quit watching the Focks broadcasts altogether and rely solely on MRN & PRN for their race coverage. Despite numerous fan complaints, we still find that we the consumers (race fans) aren’t being listened to by David Hill, Jabber Jaws, NA$CAR, or Focks. I guess the half-empty grandstands, lagging ratings, and falling souvenir sales didn’t get their attention last year. And how about Goopher the Gopher? According to Hill, he was supposed to be gone and what did we have spoiling some great shots during the Daytona 500? Besides the sponsored graphics cluttering up the screen? You got it. Goopher the Gopher.
What the NA$CAR Media Doesn’t Want You to Know
And that’s the numbers for the NFL and the Super Bowl. During the recently concluded 2010 season, the NFL had 207 million unique viewers. They had 111 million viewers for the Super Bowl and a rating/share of 47.9/71 which makes it the most viewed program in US history surpassing the previous record holder of the final episode of MASH, which had a total of 106 million viewers. Now, compare that to the all time high of NA$CAR’s 38 million viewers in 2006 and a rating/share of 11.3/23. Not even 25% of what the NFL pulled in. NA$CAR and Focks can beat their chest all they want to, they’re still a 5 lb spider monkey urinating in the corner compared to the 800 lb gorilla in the room that is the NFL. And while the ratings for the Daytona 500 were up versus last season (30 million viewers), don’t expect them to stay up. They just hit their high point of the season. Just where are those other 45 million fans at Faux King Brian and why weren‘t they watching NA$CAR‘s premiere race of the year?
Race Purse Disparity
3rd place David Gilliland won more money by himself that what was the entire race purse for the Friday night Truck Series race at Daytona. The total purse for the Truck Series race was $689,635. Gilliland won $818,171 and 4th place Bobby Labonte won $654,233, almost as much as what was in the Truck Series race purse. Is it any wonder why the Truck Series struggles year after year and why so many teams have folded up since Faux King Brian took over even though the Truck Series continues to provide the best racing NA$CAR has week after week? Hello? Is there anybody in the Ivory Towers paying attention?
Rules Have Unintended Consequences
In a somewhat unusual twist, a Busch Series regular won the biggest Cup race of the year and is going to massively affect NA$CAR’s marketing of the Chase for the Chumps. Since the play-off system was first put in place, Faux King Brian and his miscreants have tried to use the marketing of the Daytona 500 winner as a lure to get fans to watch the play-off races. Guess what? It won’t happen this year. The winner of the Daytona 500 is competing for the championship in the Busch Series as a Busch Series regular. It totally blows away one of the cornerstones of the marketing program. Imagine what will happen if Trevor Bayne wins the other highly marketed races used to hype the Chase for the Chumps? NA$CAR’s marketing plan will have its legs cut out from under it. It means they’ll have to market drivers who are 2nd best. The best of the best will not be competing for the chumpionship. Fans may like underdogs but they don’t like having to settle for 2nd best.
Phoenix Race Tickets Sales and Renewals Off
With the change in the race dates this season, ticket sales and renewals for the Phoenix race are off. And just like with the Daytona 500 where radio stations up and down the East Coast were giving away race tickets for the 500, NA$CAR/I$C is doing the same thing with Phoenix tickets. Last season, during the same weekend the Phoenix race is being run this year, there was snow which kept folks at home because they couldn’t get out of their driveways. This season, it’s looking like rain might wash out the weekend. Plus, as some fans had already planned to have the traditional race weekend off, they couldn’t change their vacation time or work schedules to allow them to be off this coming weekend. This is what happens when you have somebody who’s completely clueless in charge of NA$CAR.
Complaints About the Race Coverage and Commentators
Since complaining to David Hill obviously does little good I’d suggest complaining directly to the owner of Focks, Rupert Murdoch. Here’s the info I found and I can’t guarantee it’s current:

Rupert Murdoch
Chairman and Chief Executive
News Corporation
1211 Avenue of Americas
8th Floor
NY, NY 10036
Ph #: 212-852-7000

Maybe if the head honcho is made aware of the problems and complaints the fans have with the Focks race coverage and the highly biased and unprofessional commentary given every week, something can be done about it.
Sponsor Recognition
When I hear about a company that does good deeds for the troops and their families I like to recognize them. This week I’m recognizing Aarons. You’d expect to hear this out of the Human Shill but obviously as he’s “all about me”, you won’t. Every year Aarons goes to various VA hospitals around the country and donates TV’s, electronics, and furniture in an effort to help out the troops who are stuck in the VA hospitals and make their stays a little more pleasant. Plus they’re also doing a little something our tax dollars can’t be used for. So a hand salute to Aarons for helping out our wounded warriors.


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